Mysterious Change Hints At Space Mountain’s Closure

space mountain with update sign

If you’re trying to find a hardcore Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort fan in a crowd (whether or not that crowd happens to involve waiting in a long line for a theme park ride at either Disney Resort), then yelling something about the now-permanently closed Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain is a good strategy.

This popular water ride was recently closed both to make way for the new Princess and the Frog ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and to do away with a ride that is based on a notoriously-racist film.

Many Splash Mountain fans are still bitter, regardless of the ride’s reasons for closure — and now it looks like another classic Disney ride might be on its way out!

space mountain magic kingdom

Cell phones and cameras are no longer allowed on Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. Courtesy of Disney

The classic Magic Kingdom roller coaster called Space Mountain is getting a dramatic makeover — and since this makeover is not turning out to be a very flattering one, eyebrows are being raised at Disney’s reasoning (and at any possible plans going on behind the scenes in the Disney Park).

Space Mountain is being repainted to a controversial beige or “tan” shade of paint, according to the photos shown below from a Walt Disney World Resort and Magic Kingdom Guest named Alicia Stella.

Since the new roller coaster TRON: Lightcycle Run (a parallel to the similar roller coaster in Shanghai Disneyland) has been the talk of the town in Disney World lately, it’s surprising that a change like this did not go unnoticed.

Space Mountain

But now that it has been noticed, Disney fans are beginning to worry! Disney World Guests do, after all, get very attached to certain roller coasters or rides in Disney Parks — and Disney has certainly put Guests through the wringer in recent years with frequent ride breakdowns, unexpectedly-lengthy refurbishments, and more.

Since small changes like this could indeed be indications of a bigger change coming, Space Mountain fans might be right to worry about the possible removal of their favorite Magic Kingdom ride as TRON: Lightcycle Run takes over!

Do you think that Space Mountain is in any danger — or do you think, like one Twitter user did, that the Disney World ride is simply being repainted to a blue hue because “it fits in more with Tron”? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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