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Report: Disney Makes Surprising Change for TRON Preview

Tomorrowland Changes Before Tron Opens
Credit: Disney

The general consensus among most Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholders seems to be that the way Disney Parks handled the distribution of Preview Reservations for TRON: Lightcycle/Run at Magic Kingdom Park was a complete disaster.

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Credit: Disney

One complaint, in particular, was that Disney ensured that the regular block-out calendar remained intact, leaving those would-be Guests with a Disney Pirate Pass and Disney Pixie Dust Pass with close to half of the number of days to choose from than Guests with a Disney Incredi-Pass or a Disney Sorceror Pass. And, it appears that the reservation system could not tell which Annual Pass tier the Passholders were using, resulting in a Pixie Dust Pass holder’s ability to score a preview time on a weekend, only to find that he or she was still blocked out.

However, unconfirmed reports started coming forward on Friday, March 3, from people saying that Disney World has decided to make amends and provide those with blocked-out passes with a complimentary 1-day Theme Park Ticket so they can still enjoy the new Tomorrowland roller coaster after all.

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Credit: Disney

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One AP dropped a testimonial on Walt Disney World’s subreddit, saying,

“If you booked a preview for TRON on a day you were blocked out, check your account! Disney automatically added a one day comp ticket to mine and my wife’s account for the day we had booked, not realizing we were blocked out. Looks like some pixie dust is being spread around!”

Another confirmed the news, saying,

“I got one of these. I was gripped out in the FB group. They tried to tell me I shouldn’t go because I didn’t follow the rules and I don’t deserve to go. …. I really didn’t pay attention to the dates. I thought they wouldn’t give me a date that I wasn’t allowed to have. Just took what they offered me in a hurry.”

It should be noted that a Disney World Cast Member was not able to confirm the distribution of these Theme Park Tickets, but she was able to confirm that the reservation system would not immediately recognize which pass tier a person had, requiring the passholder to take responsibility for knowing when those dates were, and resulting in the unfortunate news arriving in their email. She also confirmed that there are no preview spots left available, which clarifies that if Disney World is making amends, it is to those who booked their preview on the wrong day. No new preview spots are being distributed.

This surprise is boy joyous and disappointing as many a Disney World Annual Passholder with the Pirate Pass and Pixie Dust Pass reportedly did not bother booking at all because of the warnings that any attempt to make a preview reservation on a block-out date would automatically be canceled. Apparently, that no longer appears to be the case.

TRON Passholder Preview Email

Credit: Disney Fanatic

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For those who took the chance and nabbed an Annual Passholder preview date during a block-out period, check your email and let us know if you get to go step onto the grid after all!

TRON: Lightcycle/Run opens at Magic Kingdom Park with a virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane access on April 2, 2023.

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