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‘Pocahontas’ Star Irene Bedard Arrested

pocahontas star arrested

In a sad update, Irene Bedard, the voice behind Pocahontas in Disney’s animated feature film, was arrested last Friday. Disney stars are often in the spotlight for not-so-great reasons, and this recent report of the Pocahontas star is much the same. Bedard was arrested in Greene County, Ohio, for disorderly conduct—the arrest report is not pretty. According to a police ...

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7 Disney Stars That Have Been Arrested.

Disney Stars That Have Been Arrested

We have all grown up with Disney stars that were charmingly innocent – teaching us some of the most important values in life. However, just like any other children, Disney stars grew up, and somewhere along the road they managed to change from innocent children into troubled young adults in need of help and understanding. The truth is that every ...

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