‘Pocahontas’ Star Irene Bedard Arrested

pocahontas star arrested
Disney (Left); TMZ (Right)

In a sad update, Irene Bedard, the voice behind Pocahontas in Disney’s animated feature film, was arrested last Friday.

Disney stars are often in the spotlight for not-so-great reasons, and this recent report of the Pocahontas star is much the same. Bedard was arrested in Greene County, Ohio, for disorderly conduct—the arrest report is not pretty.



According to a police report obtained by TMZ, police said that officers were conducting a “welfare check” after receiving reports that a woman had passed out in the bushes on a residential street in the area.

Per the article,

Eventually, per the report, Bedard had to be led away from the scene, handcuffed, and restrained. Unfortunately, that’s not all. Police say that the actress became deadweight when they were taking her to the car and so even had to be held up.

This isn’t the first report from TMZ about less-than-happy occurrences relating to Disney — be it the stars, the Theme Parks, or otherwise.

Bedard was finally taken to Greene County Jail, where she was booked for disorderly conduct and was supposedly released from custody on Sunday.

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