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‘Wish’ Star Ariana DeBose Fuming After Being Called ‘Actor Who Also Thinks They Can Sing’

'Wish' Star Ariana DeBose People's Choice Awards joke

Sometimes, Awards Season just goes a little too long. Show after show, giving out awards to basically the same television shows and movies. And every once in a while, the awards shows just run out of things to say, and that’s when it gets dangerous. That’s precisely what happened at the Critic’s Choice Awards. When it came time to give ...

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Disney’s ‘Wish’ Swallowed Up By ‘Hunger Games’ And Conquered by ‘Napoleon’

'Wish' Star Ariana DeBose People's Choice Awards joke

The Walt Disney Studios had such high hopes for Wish (2023). Or, to be more precise, Disney really needed a hit to change the narrative. It has been a bad year for Disney, and to celebrate Disney Animation Studios’ 100th Anniversary, it was looking for Wish to be a culmination of all they’ve learned in that time. But now, it appears that Wish is ...

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The Reviews For Disney’s ‘Wish’ Are In And They’re…Not Great

Disney's 'Wish' reviews not great

The problem with a narrative is that it’s hard to change once it starts. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill. Unless something stops it along the way, it will pick up steam until it can’t be stopped. And therein lies the problem that is currently facing the Walt Disney Company. Related: Disney is Getting Clobbered at the Box Office Again The ...

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It’s Official, Disney Is Out of Ideas, as More Live-Action Remakes Are Rumored To Be in the Works

Disney out of ideas as more live-action remakes coming

After a series of flops, one would think that the Walt Disney Studios learned their lesson. Disney was expecting the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid (2023) to be a hit. While the returns were solid, the movie wasn’t the hit that Disney needed and expected. And now, Disney is dealing with the headache their live-action Snow White (2024) has become. ...

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Disney Redeems Itself in Eyes of Skeptical Audience After a Tough Year

Disney Wish movie trailer

Disney has long been synonymous with enchanting animated tales that capture the hearts of audiences. Over the years, the studio has delivered unforgettable classics like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. However, some critics have recently argued that Disney had veered off its magical path, focusing more on sequels and franchises than on forging new and captivating ...

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Disney’s Losing Streak Set to End With Massive Success

Disney Wish test screening

The Walt Disney Company has had to humble itself quite a bit this year. The box office hasn’t exactly been kind to it recently, and many critics claim the company has lost its spark. However, this week has added a glimmer of hope which could rival the success of Disney’s cash cow, Frozen. All signs and feedback signal a major ...

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Disney Drops a Hopeful Hint on Upcoming ‘Wish’ Film

Disney Wish film delay

Hollywood is a volatile place at the moment, and the Walt Disney Company has been dealing with some major uncertainties. Amid the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike, the company has reportedly considered delaying some of its most highly-anticipated releases remaining this year. However, there are signs that this might just be off the table. Disney’s Wish for a Hit One ...

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Can Disney Still Have a Major Box Office Victory in 2023?

Disney Box Office

The Walt Disney Company has faced a challenging year regarding box office profits, with estimates suggesting losses exceeding $900 million. Some critics eagerly anticipate whether it can turn the tide, while others think it is reaping the consequences of a progressive social agenda. The disappointments have been notable, such as Pixar’s underperforming film Elemental and Lucasfilm’s lukewarm showing of Indiana ...

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