Disney’s Losing Streak Set to End With Massive Success

Disney Wish test screening
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The Walt Disney Company has had to humble itself quite a bit this year. The box office hasn’t exactly been kind to it recently, and many critics claim the company has lost its spark. However, this week has added a glimmer of hope which could rival the success of Disney’s cash cow, Frozen. All signs and feedback signal a major comeback for Disney this holiday season with its upcoming animated musical, Wish.

Disney Wish film delay

Credit: Disney

A Year of Disappointments

This year has seen a ton of financial blows for Disney. High-profile releases like the live-action The Little Mermaid and Pixar Studios’ Elemental failed to capture the attention of many fans, who have increasingly turned to the comfort of waiting for streaming services like Disney+. Even Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was an expensive failure, and Haunted Mansion didn’t quite meet expectations.

However, Disney is far from throwing in the towel amid the setbacks. The company has been quietly showing off small snippets of Wish, and early indications suggest that something truly extraordinary is in store.

Asha, Valentino, Disney Wish movie

Credit: Disney

Disney Wish Test Screening Praise

Recent preview opinions of Wish have left unanimous praise for the title. OneTakeNews specifically hailed what they saw, saying it “appears to stick the landing.”

Such early praise is a promising sign for Disney, which has worked tirelessly to recapture the hearts of its audience.

Wish is having early 20-minute screenings and people have been describing it as one of the best modern Disney masterpieces. Praising the music, the Watercolor/2D/CGI animation highlighting King Magnifico as a threatning villan and that the songs will be a huge hit.

Producer Peter Del Vecho, in a recent interview, shared insights into the film’s development. He revealed that the test screenings also garnered overwhelmingly positive responses. Del Vecho stated:

The great thing is, the test audience was so enthusiastic about the movie. The notes we got were ‘we want to know more, we want to experience more.’ We, of course, got some specifics, many of which we did incorporate into the movie, though.

Early Wish Opinions

With Wish generating this level of excitement, it’s clear that Disney could be on the verge of a major win. The film’s fresh approach to animation, coupled with a captivating story and an exceptional cast, has all the makings of a holiday blockbuster. The title also celebrates the company’s 100 years of animation, meaning it might trigger audience nostalgia while being completely original.

I got to preview some footage from Disney’s #Wish at a special presentation this morning with producer Peter Del Vecho and director Fawn Veerasunthorn, and I think people are underestimating just how big this movie could be. It looks wonderful and has those classic Disney vibes!

Scheduled for release on November 22, Wish journeys into the enchanting kingdom of Rosas in the Iberian Peninsula. It introduces us to a young woman named Asha, whose quest revolves around unraveling the origins of the fabled wishing star that countless Disney characters have wished upon. Her path leads her to confront the enigmatic King Magnifico, who harbors a desire to hoard the wishes of his people.

What sets the film apart from the rest of Disney’s recent classics is a never-before-seen two-dimensional watercolor look. This unique approach combines the feel of classic Disney animation with something new, and early opinions also state that this is a sight to behold.

Academy Award-winning actress Ariana DeBose, renowned for her role in West Side Story, and the versatile Chris Pine headline the film’s cast. Fans have already praised the music revealed in the trailer, and the early previews also say the music is fantastic.

Apprehensive fans will still likely be cautious around Wish. However, it might just be the wish come true that Disney fans have been eagerly waiting for and recapture some magic lost in recent years.

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