Disney Drops a Hopeful Hint on Upcoming ‘Wish’ Film

Disney Wish film delay
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Hollywood is a volatile place at the moment, and the Walt Disney Company has been dealing with some major uncertainties. Amid the ongoing writer’s and actor’s strike, the company has reportedly considered delaying some of its most highly-anticipated releases remaining this year. However, there are signs that this might just be off the table.

Disney Wish movie success

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Disney’s Wish for a Hit

One of Disney’s major projects this year is its upcoming original animated film, Wish. This title is the “pièce de résistance” of the company’s 100-year celebration. A lot is riding on it, and Disney really can’t afford to postpone it. With a unique animation style, an intriguing story, and a star-studded cast, many fans are reluctantly hopeful they are in for another masterpiece of Frozen caliber.

This upcoming Disney animated musical is set in the Kingdom of Rosas off the Iberian Peninsula. 17-year-old Asha perceives an unsettling aura surrounding their ruler, King Magnifico. Her plea to the sky brings forth Star, a wish-granting magical entity. Together, Asha and Star unite to confront emerging threats, striving to uplift Rosas and fulfill its people’s dreams. The film, directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, seamlessly blends a unique watercolor filter with Disney’s typical animation styles. It features the voices of Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, and Alan Tudyk.

Asha, Valentino, Disney Wish movie

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Unlikely Disney Wish Film Delay

While reports have indicated Disney could delay Wish, this is likely out of the question. During the company’s recent Q3 2023 Earnings Call, CEO Bob Iger detailed a plan to save Disney from its developing “disappointing” movie performance trend. The solution involves releasing fewer films and series while focusing on the studio’s major hits. However, the report seems to suggest this is not affecting imminent projects.

A list of upcoming theatrical releases is provided, and Wish is still solidified for its release on November 22, 2023. With only a few short months until this date, Disney is increasingly unlikely to push it. The list does say that these dates are subject to change, but delaying a film is a costly and crippling endeavor this close to release.

Other 2023 films reported for possible delays appear in the list as well. These include Marvel’s The Marvels on November 10, Poor Things on December 8, Next Goal Wins on November 17, and Magazine Dreams on December 8.

Disney Wish Movie

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A Volatile Hollywood Setting

The SAG-AFTRA strikes have indeed destroyed Disney’s ability to promote its upcoming films as normal. While the battle plays out, actors cannot champion their movie appearances in any form. We already saw this play out with the recent premiere of Haunted Mansion. The actors from the film skipped its premiere, and Disney quickly sent character performers to the red carpet instead. However, today’s audiences don’t necessarily choose to see a movie based on lavish premieres and celebrity interviews. Many of them decide to see a movie based on word-of-mouth or trailer hype.

These delays could come for films that are not in their final stages of production. Nevertheless, Wish has too much riding on it to shuffle out of its current trajectory. A Disney Wish film delay seems increasingly unlikely. With Disney still publicly displaying the release date in its latest updates, it all but silently confirms we will definitely see Wish in theaters this fall.

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