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First Look at Disney’s New ‘Captain America’ Movie Revealed

New Captain America

Hello again, Cap. Related: Upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ Movie Release Scrapped by Sony as Plans Shift Avengers: Endgame (2019) marked the departure of several key Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Avengers, notably Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man/Tony Stark, who sacrificed himself for the greater good, and Chris Evans’ Captain America/Steve Rogers, who retired and passed his iconic Vibranium shield to Anthony Mackie‘s Sam ...

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Harrison Ford Returns for ‘Indiana Jones 6’ in New Trailer

indiana jones breaks record oldest disney lead

The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm are struggling to find some way to make a new Indiana Jones feature work, and a trailer for the famed adventurer’s return to action is stunning fans with the return of Harrison Ford. Lucasfilm Stumbles Across the Finish Line When Disney acquired Lucasfilm from founder George Lucas in 2012 for a cool $4.05 billion, ...

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Harrison Ford Calls Current Project “A Piece of S***” During Filming

Disney Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford recently joked about his latest role. Related: Johnny Depp Officially Exits ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Series Harrison Ford is a name that needs no introduction. Over his many decades in Hollywood, Ford has starred in some of the world’s largest film franchises, from Star Wars to Blade Runner. Ford’s long list of characters is impressive, and his talent ...

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‘Indiana Jones’ Just Broke a 24-Year-Old Record

indiana jones breaks record oldest disney lead

Despite a lackluster box office debut, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny cracked a Walt Disney Co. record. Few artisan film branches maintain a successful run over four decades, and even fewer Hollywood actors remain in the spotlight into their Golden Years. Since Harrison Ford‘s debut as Indy in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark alongside Karen Allen as Marion ...

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Scene From ‘Indiana Jones’ Gets Backlash for a Controversial Effect That Disney “Almost” Got Right 

Indiana Jones De-Aging Scene

Hollywood is notorious for pushings its actors to age backward. Seemingly segmenting anyone over 30 into an “aging” category, it’s an anomaly when actors withstand the test of time with silver screen appearances. Sometimes it takes being associated with an artisan class of box-office-breaking films, especially ones like Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford, the man behind two of Disney and film ...

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Original ‘Indiana Jones Spectacular’ Stuntman Meets Indy at ‘Dial of Destiny’ Premiere

Kevin Brassard Indiana Jones

They say, “Don’t meet your heroes,” but an encounter from Wednesday night’s Dial of Destiny premiere would state otherwise. For 34 years, Hollywood Studios has hosted eager Disney Guests gathering to watch their favorite heroic archaeologist circumvent boobie traps from depicted scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Of course, Harrison Ford was on movie sets around the globe throughout the ...

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“It’s Rare to See Ford Light up Like This” 5 Best Moments From the Last ‘Indiana Jones’ Premiere 

Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan

For over 42 years, Harrison Ford has been making movies that have shaped our culture. In 1981, a rugged archaeologist captivated audiences with his rousing adventures and relatable wing-it approach to virtually every life-threatening situation he encountered. Not a perfect hero, but a lovable one, Indiana Jones has cemented himself as an artifact in film history, thanks to the prolific ...

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Video: ‘Indiana Jones’ Star Says He Would “Get in the First Punch” Against Neo-Nazis

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones might be afraid of snakes, but he’s proven that he’s not scared to hit a Nazi with a swift right hook. An archaeologist and historian etched in film history as America’s favorite unlikely hero, Indiana Jones has run from mammoth-sized boulders, escaped aliens in Area 51, and jumped from a massive zeppelin, all in the name of unearthing ...

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