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Disney Star Finally Hints At Exciting New Sequel

Emily Blunt

The popular British actress Emily Blunt is back with some exciting news for her fans! The news does not involve her 2018 Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns or the swashbuckling Disney adventure from 2021 called The Jungle Cruise, so the beloved The Devil Wears Prada actress will probably not be back on set with Disney darlings Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson for her ...

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‘Jungle Cruise’ Actors Admit to Receiving Warnings from Disney During Press Tour

emily-blunt-jungle-cruise-movie dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are most certainly Disney darlings when it comes to Disney cinema and Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson is a former professional WWE wrestler who has become known for his charisma, physique, and his endearingly exciting-yet-family-friendly films. Meanwhile, Emily Blunt is a Devil Wears Prada alum with beauty, wit, and a charming English accent in her repertoire. When the couple ...

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Fans Mock Dwayne Johnson for ‘Embarrassing’ Behavior

jungle cruise dwayne johnson emily blunt

Dwayne Johnson, the actor and former pro-wrestler known as “the Rock,” is usually a national treasure in Disney audiences‚Äô minds. After all, the wrestler has (like fellow former pro wrestler Dave Bautista) transitioned into film with surprising success. Dwayne Johnson’s comedic chops, good looks, and self-deprecating style have made him a perennial charmer — but recently, fans have turned on ...

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Movie Review: Does ‘The Jungle Cruise’ Hold Water?

jungle cruise emily blunt dwayne johnson

Although Disney’s new movie ‘The Jungle Cruise’ has already been out for several months, many Disney fans are only just seeing the movie for the first time this weekend due to its Disney+ release on Disney+ Day! With the release of ‘Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings‘, ‘Olaf Presents‘, and several other new specials, is ‘Jungle Cruise’ worth adding to ...

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