Disney Star Finally Hints At Exciting New Sequel

Emily Blunt
Credit: Disney

The popular British actress Emily Blunt is back with some exciting news for her fans!

The news does not involve her 2018 Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns or the swashbuckling Disney adventure from 2021 called The Jungle Cruise, so the beloved The Devil Wears Prada actress will probably not be back on set with Disney darlings Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson for her new role.

jungle-cruise-live-action emily blunt and dwayne johnson

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in the live-action Jungle Cruise movie / Credit: Disney

Back, but Not in the Way That We Expected

However, the actress will be working with another very recognizable celebrity: Tom Cruise! Emily Blunt has just confirmed that she is all set to return to her role in the sci-fi adventure called Edge of Tomorrow.

The 2014 film brought the Top Gun and Oppenheimer stars together for a wild ride through time (and a whole lot of uncomfortable exoskeleton suits) as they fought against aliens.

Jack Whitehall, Jungle Cruise Set

The Jungle Cruise starred Emily Blunt (Dr. Lily Houghton), Dwayne Johnson (Skipper Frank Wolf), and Jack Whitehall (MacGregor Houghton). Credit: Instinct Magazine

“I’m So Ready,” Emily Blunt Says

“I would love to make it a reality,” the mother of two said in the interview shown below (around the 28:51 mark). “But I just don’t know when or how.”

“How many Mission: Impossibles does [Tom Cruise] need?” she asked jokingly, implying that the actor’s Mission: Impossible franchise is keeping him too busy to work with her again.

Blunt also confirmed in the interview that she had read a script for the sequel, even if it’s not happening yet.

She added that Tom Cruise was “incredible” as “the cowardly hero” in the first Edge of Tomorrow movie, and she clearly seemed interested in returning for a second film during the interview (even if this Marvel actor found Tom Cruise’s acting talents to be underwhelming instead of incredible).

emily blunt in edge of tomorrow

Emily Blunt in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, which she starred in opposite Tom Cruise. Credit: Warner Bros.

“I Am Not the Impediment, I Promise”

However, the famously-funny actress also admitted that she still has some physical pain from the grueling days on the set of the original movie, and that she holds Cruise responsible for her back’s “tweaks”!

“I’m so ready [for the sequel],” she declared in the interview despite her injuries. “I am not the impediment, I promise.”

Emily Blunt has been making headlines again recently because she has just starred in the new movie Oppenheimer, which has been making the rounds in theaters alongside the juggernaut that is Barbie.

Are you a fan of Emily Blunt?

Do you prefer the British actress’s Disney projects like Mary Poppins Returns and The Jungle Cruise (especially since we learned from Into the Woods that she has some noteworthy singing abilities), or do you prefer watching Blunt’s heavier non-Disney work?

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