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“Never Gone Out of Vogue”: Disney TV Crushes Competition, but Bob Iger Bets It All on Disney+ Streaming

Disney+ Bob Iger

The Walt Disney Company is pushing full steam ahead with streaming media, and CEO Bob Iger is determined to make Disney+ a profitable mega-app, no matter how much it costs. But a new report shows that while Disney is laser-focused on streaming, it is actually crushing the competition in traditional TV. Bob Iger and the Future of Disney Streaming Disney ...

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Bluey Gets Replaced in Newer Episodes

Bluey Album Artwork

Bluey and her adventures in a colorful, cartoon-dog-inhabited version of Australia’s Brisbane have absolutely captured and captivated viewers of all ages. As her show has progressed into over 150 episodes, so too have its episodes, themes, and need for its leading pooch. Bluey, the excitable seven-year-old puppy, has always been the show’s title character, and there’s no dispute about it. ...

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Bye Bye ‘Bluey’: Series Regulars Recast for Season 4

Grandad Bluey Ending

Big things are happening on Bluey as the series gears up for a 28-minute-long season finale and a new adventure for Bluey, Bingo, and all their cartoon canine companions. However, recent developments suggest that the predicted season four will be drastically different from the show fans know and love today. Bluey spans three seasons of over 150 episodes readily available on ...

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‘Percy Jackson’ Stuns Critics, Ushers in New Era For Disney+

Percy Jackson walker scobell

Recently, The Walt Disney Company has become synonymous with a frequent reliance on reboots and remakes of their timeless stories. Examples include the recent 2023 reboot of The Little Mermaid featuring Halle Bailey, Guy Ritchie’s 2019 adaptation of Aladdin, and the Tom Hanks-led Pinocchio in 2022. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2023) looks set to change all that. The new ...

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Nicolas Cage To Retire From Films, Shocking Details Revealed

Nicolas Cage movie with popcorn

The great Nicolas Cage is finally retiring from films and reveals his shocking plans to remain in Hollywood. Related: Massive Sink Hole Opens up Inside Central Florida Theme Park Nicolas Cage and His Film Career Over the Years Nicolas Cage, whose full name is Nicolas Kim Coppola, has had a prolific film career spanning several decades. Cage began his acting ...

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Spectrum TV Set to Lose All Disney and ESPN Channels

Spectrum TV Disney

Charter Communications and The Walt Disney Company are currently battling over programming rates. As the two corporations fight with each other, the future of over 26 Disney and ESPN channels hangs on the line. Update: Spectrum has now lost all of Disney’s programming across its television service. Keep reading to find out just what caused this mayhem. Spectrum TV Service ...

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Television Shows That Took Disney Vacations

Full House Cover

After the day is done, many folks like to unwind in front of the T.V. with a funny, laugh-out-loud family-based comedy. Likewise, most people dream of experiencing the magic of a vacation to Disney Parks at least once in their life. So, when you get to see some of your favorite fictional families from well-loved shows embark on their very ...

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A Tribute to Notable Nannies and Caretakers in Disney Entertainment

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, most folks are mainly focused on Mom, and rightly so. But how about giving a shoutout to all those other non-mom caretakers? From live-in nannies of all different kinds to dutiful nursemaids that go above and beyond their usual tasks, Walt Disney Entertainment has introduced us to a wide range of characters who ...

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Double the Fun This Twin Day with These Disney Movies and Shows

the parent trap

If you just happen to be a diehard Disney fanatic looking to get a twice as nice fixing by bingeing on some twin-centric Disney movies and shows, then we’ve got a couple of suggestions. Related: Who Is Your Disney Princess Twin? 8. Chip and Dale Cartoon Shorts It’s been long debated on whether or not the classic chipmunk duo we ...

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