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Filmmakers Put R-Rated Message to Disney in Their Disney Film

inspector gadget filmmakers add harsh words for Disney

Disney is the king of Easter eggs. Disney’s latest film, Wish (2023), was essentially a two-hour Easter Egg to the 100 years of Disney Animation Studios. Pixar has managed to tie together its entire universe with the Planet Pizza truck and A113. But most of Disney and Pixar’s Easter Eggs are primarily benign and meant for the fun of the audience ...

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Disney Settles Suit That Claimed Its Shady Business Practices Hid Hundreds of Millions in Profits

Disney settles TSG entertainment lawsuit

Lawyer Daniel Petrocelli is a busy man. Whenever The Walt Disney Company has a high-profile case, they call on Petrocelli to represent them. It was Petrocelli who helped Disney and Marvel reach a settlement with Scarlett Johansson over her payment for Black Widow.  Related: Disney Busting Out Legal Legend for Fight With DeSantis Petrocelli is also arguing Disney’s case against ...

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Disney Fled the State, Now Florida Wants To Pay Them To Come Back

Florida filming incentives Disney

Georgia has found a way to lure the Walt Disney Company to the state, and it is coming at the expense of Florida. Florida has been powerless to stop Disney from leaving the state since 2016, but if a Florida lawmaker has her way, all of that is about to change. Florida has been a destination for filming studios for ...

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Disney Flees Florida For Greener Pastures In Neighboring State

Disney filming in Florida stops

In 1989, when Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened as Disney-MGM Studios, the concept was creating a working movie, television, and animation studio. Disney would make it the “Hollywood of the East.” Disney would film dozens of television shows and movies there, including the reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club with all the stars you remember. However, Disney Studios quickly realized that it ...

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Numerous Disney Stars Adorn ‘Worst a-List Hollywood Actors’ List

Worst Disney Stars list

This is not looking great for Walt Disney Studios. Since its inception, the majority of the United States has shared a fixation on Hollywood stars and their personal lives. Whether they are singers, actors, dancers, or all three, fans love to obsess over the stars of the screen. That fixation has continued to the present day when the private lives ...

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Disney Movies Are Failing, Can Iger Save Them?

Disney Studios failures Iger needs to fix

Earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Iger was appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America when he made a surprise announcement. Iger told the world that Disney Animation Studios was already working on Frozen 4 long before Frozen 3 was released. The announcement surprised everyone, including the stars of Frozen, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell. But this announcement wasn’t all it seemed. ...

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Critics Bash Disney For Recreating Terrorist Bombing For TV Show Blocks Away From the Original Site

Disney recreates London terrorist attack for a television show

There are certain touchstone moments in history that are seared into our collective memories. Nearly everyone who was alive can remember the exact moment when President Kennedy was killed. For those of us who are younger, you can remember the very moment you heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Center on 9/11. As a nation, we have ...

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Fans Want a Live-Action ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ But Tim Burton Will Never Work With Disney Again

tim burton disney nightmare before christmas

Despite how enormously popular The Nightmare Before Christmas was, Tim Burton has made clear he’ll never work with Disney again. While the Walt Disney Company is all things magical and fantastical, when it comes to entertainment, it is, at its core, fundamentally a Hollywood studio. So when it comes to figuring out which movies it would like to make and ...

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