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Is Taylor Swift Marvel’s New Hire? Rumors Say Yes!

taylor swift marvel
Credits: Taylor Swift on Instagram and Marvel

Whether you’re a fan of the country singer turned-pop singer Taylor Swift or not, you have to admit that she’s been “dazzling” concert-goers on her wildly-successful Eras Tour — and if this rumor about Marvel is correct, then Taylor Swift will be dazzling movie theater audiences in the not-so-far future, too!

Taylor Swift has been making headlines for weeks now due to the Eras Tour — and due to the staggering economic impact she has on cities when she arrives for her performances — and now some surprising Taylor Swift news is coming that involves an unexpected topic: Marvel Studios, the creator of movies like Deadpool (2016) and Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)!

taylor swift on her eras tour

Photo Credits: Taylor Swift on Instagram

Taylor Swift is reportedly working on a documentary for Disney (and possibly playing Rapunzel), but now (if the rumor is true) she is also theoretically going to make an appearance in the next film about Deadpool, the sassy Marvel character played by the Bambi-opposed actor named Ryan Reynolds!

Prepare to Be Dazzled

Taylor Swift is expected to play the superhero named Dazzler. Dazzler is a superheroine (also named Alison Blaire) from Marvel Comics who made her debut back in 1980. Dazzler is apparently a mutant who uses sound vibrations to create light effects and bursts of energy.

Dazzler can also fly, and before meeting the X-Men, she was a singer and a performer just like Taylor Swift. Alison Blaire also can be seen in the Tweet shown below, and it’s clear that she and Taylor Swift look very similar with their blond hair and their flamboyant bodysuits!

Would Taylor Be a Box-Office Draw?

Taylor Swift has popped up in film before and failed to make a positive impression on audiences — partly, perhaps, because she’s too recognizable to convincingly ‘become’ anyone else — but fans from her Eras Tour would certainly head to theaters to see her as Dazzler, even if she had only a few seconds of screentime!

taylor swift on her eras tour

Photo Credits: Taylor Swift on Instagram

Nepotism Is Still Going Strong

Taylor Swift is actually close friends with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, so her casting as Dazzler certainly makes sense when her personal Marvel Studios connection and her resemblance to Alison Blaire are factored in!

Would you watch Deadpool 3 more eagerly if Taylor Swift was in it?

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