“Children of Divorce” Cast Their Votes for ‘Tangled’ Live-Action Remake

Credit: Disney

Fans are excited about the possibility of two singers who once dated featuring prominently in Disney’s Tangled live-action remake!

The news of Disney’s latest upcoming remake, Tangled, has been met with mixed reactions from fans. While some fans have been incredibly excited about the possibility of the movie, others have accused Disney of wanting to “ruin everything.” Regardless of fans’ feelings, however, Disney is reportedly continuing to develop Tangled, and excited fans are casting their votes for whom they’d like to see in the roles, whether as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider or featured singers.

harry styles and taylor swift

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift / Credit: maddy D, Flickr

Will Harry Styles and Taylor Swift See the Light?

Fans recently shared an AI-created cover of “I See the Light” from Tangled, featuring Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, and the clip of the pair singing went viral online. Fans were thrilled to hear the mock-up of the song in Styles and Swift’s voices. Fans referred to the video as a “masterpiece” and requested a full-length version.

One fan shared, “Please Disney cast them for tangled 😠😍.”

What Happened With Harry Styles and Taylor Swift?

In light of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s history, fans are particularly excited about the possibility of the duo coming back together for Tangled, even though nothing has been confirmed by Disney. The pair dated briefly in 2013 and appear to be amicable and on good terms now. Styles has praised Swift’s songwriting, and some fans hope the duo will reconcile in light of Taylor Swift’s (semi)-recent breakup with actor Joe Alwyn.

Many who see Styles and Swift together, whether in AI-generated videos or at award shows, call themselves “children of divorce,” a popular internet trend wherein fans refer to specific celebrities or people in a parental capacity.

Check out the cover below:

Are They Making a Live-Action Tangled?

Recently the news that Disney has reportedly greenlit a live-action remake of the 2010 animated featured film of the same name, which featured Mandy Moore, who played Rapunzel, and Zachary Levi, who played Flynn Rider, was going around. While Disney, like other Hollywood studios, is currently affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, after the strike, the movie will become a priority for the Walt Disney Company.

tangled live-action remake

Tangled / Credit: Disney

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Who Will Play Rapunzel in the Live-Action Tangled?

News of a live-action Tangled has only just begun making waves, but one actress is already rumored to be Disney’s preferred choice for the role of Rapunzel. That actress is none other than Oppenheimer star Florence Pugh. Pugh is not necessarily known for roles like the one of Rapunzel, so many are uncertain if this will actually come to pass.

florence pugh rapunzel

Florence Pugh could become the next Rapunzel / Images Credit: Marvel and Disney

Meanwhile, some fans continue to speculate about who might be cast in the lead roles, and some fans took the opportunity to present Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as a contender for the role of Flynn Rider.

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