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Swimmers Invade Off-Limits Disney Lake for Dangerous Swim

disney swimming
Credits: DLP Report / Canva

Open water swimming, or swimming in any body of water, can be grounding and invigorating. However, swimming can also be dangerous, especially in bodies of water that are off-limits and do not have lifeguards.

Danger’s No Stranger Here

The danger only increases in states like Florida (where the bodies of water contain predators like alligators) or along coastlines (where the oceans contain predators like sharks).

Despite tragic events like the fatal alligator attack in 2016, and the death of a child named Joel Goode in 1986, there are still some people who choose to swim in off-limits locations like Walt Disney World Resort’s Seven Seas Lagoon.

swimmer in seven seas lagoon and no swimming sign

We saw at least one family casually swimming in the lagoon, despite the very clear warnings about alligators and snakes, just a few months ago — and now, someone has been spotted swimming in a forbidden area across the pond in France!

Swimming Across the Pond

At Disneyland Paris, there is a large body of water called Lake Disney. Like the Seven Seas Lagoon, this lake is meant to be a beautiful view for Disneyland Paris Guests rather than a source of aquatic recreation; however, several swimmers were just spotted in Lake Disney, and shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by the DLP Report!

Be Prepared

At first, the swimmers seem to certainly be “something you don’t see every day” — but closer inspection reveals that the swimmers are members of the Disneyland Paris Fire and Rescue team, who seem to be undergoing some kind of training.

Being prepared for emergencies — and for emergencies that might actually involve Disneyland Paris Guests who swim in Lake Disney or fall into the water — is certainly a reasonable strategy on the Fire and Rescue team’s part!

Disneyland Paris Castle

Disneyland Paris Castle / Credit: Disney

Since Disney Park Guests are behaving more and more recklessly in the Disney Parks — case in point — and Disney Adults are also fond of combining their Disney vacations with lots of alcohol, the need for emergency rescue training is all the more prevalent.

Have you ever seen someone swim in a forbidden Disney Park body of water, such as the Seven Seas Lagoon near the Magic Kingdom?

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