Mandy Moore Says She’s Grateful to Be In Disney’s ‘Cool Mom Club’

The Cool Mom’s Club

In a May 24th article with InStyle Magazine former Disney star Mandy Moore talked, “saying goodbye to [This is Us‘] Rebecca Pearson, heading out on [her “In Real Life” album] tour, and the L.A. moms club that keeps her going.” The busy actress and singer just wrapped up her lead role in the successful NBC series This is Us which aired its series finale after six seasons last night, May 25, 2022. Her seventh studio album In Real Life released on May 13, 2022, preceded by the album’s titular single “In Real Life” on March 8 and the second single “Little Dreams” on April 5.

Her upcoming North American tour to promote the album will begin in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 10. Through all of this she has been a wife to her husband Taylor Goldsmith, and mother to baby Augustus. And she gets through her busy life with the help of other moms. 

Who are these fellow moms? They are a group of amazing ladies brought together by the once and future Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff. Duff, one of many celebs featured in Moore’s “In Real Life” music video, is “the coolest” mom as Moore puts it,

Hilary is the coolest and she is a super-mom. She and Matt have become really close friends with my husband and I. But they have a kid who’s six weeks younger than Gus. And so, we had babies at the same time and she, being the super-mom that she is, formed a cool mom club… Somehow, I got invited into it and it’s the best. I’ve made so many wonderful friends. We all just gathered earlier this week and had dinner and we have baby classes together and it’s incredible. It’s so much fun. I’m very, very grateful to have those resources and just incredible women to be able to lean on. We’re all kind of going through this chapter of our lives together.

Mandy Moore

The Princess Diaries (2001), Tangled (2010), Tangled: The Series (2017)

Mandy Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith at their November 18, 2018 wedding in Los Angeles, California. (Credit: @mandymooremm on Instagram)

Real-life Disney Princess Mandy Moore is 38, and the mother of 15-month-old baby boy Gus.

In a 2021 article detailing her experience being pregnant during the pandemic Moore said of her husband:

I think he’s been suited to be a father pretty much his whole life. He’s been gearing up for this. Like in the morning, it’s funny, I’ll reach for my phone and he’ll reach right for whatever baby book he’s reading… Normally [outside of the pandemic], he’d be on the road [as front-man of the band Dawes]…We wouldn’t have spent this gestation period together- he would have been touring. And it would have been fine, but having this experience together makes me feel even more solid and even more excited to be a parent with him…I want to raise an intelligent, feminist, loving, compassionate young man, who respects women, and who understands boundaries.

August Harrison Goldsmith, “Gus” born on February 20, 2021 to parents Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith. (Credit: @mandymooremm on Instagram)

Ashley Tisdale

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (2005), High School Musical (2006), Phineas and Ferb (2007)

Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French at their private November 8, 2014 wedding in Santa Barbra, California. (Credit: @ashleytisdale on Instagram)

Former Disney Channel star Ashley Tisdale is 36, and mother to 14-month-old baby girl Jupiter.

On if her pregnancy was as she expected it to be, she said to ET

I’ve never really thought about it that hard. I’m not someone who is like, “Oh when this happens it’ll be like this.” I was like that with marriage. I wasn’t one of those girls who was like, “I need to get married! I need to have a kid!” And so I think that I’m more present, like, “Oh cool, this is happening.” There wasn’t ever what I thought [pregnancy] would be, so I think I’ve been very present, especially during this time being home. I’m staying so present in everyday life that it’s nice to be able to feel all the weird and awesome things about pregnancy.

Jupiter Iris French, born on March 23, 2021 to parents Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French. (Credit: @ashleytisdale on Instagram)

Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire Series (2001), Cadet Kelly (2002), The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma at their December 21, 2019 wedding at their Los Angeles home. (Credit: @hilaryduff on Instagram)

Hilary Duff is 34, and a mother of three including son Luca (10) whom she shares with her ex (NHL player Mike Comrie), and daughters Banks (3) and Mae (14 months).

On being a busy mother of three Duff told People,

I have help, but babies just want their mom. Even Luca is still like, “Mom, Mom, Mom.” Mom cooks the thing the right way, and Mom packs the bag the right way. It’s crazy. It’s a learning curve to throw a newborn into the mix. A lot of people have been like, “That third kid really gets you.” And they’re right! …[But] I’m so in love with all my kids, and I love this mayhem. I love when everyone’s full of energy and the house is buzzing. You never know what the day is going to bring or what your kid’s going to say. We’re in the thick of it, and it feels good.

Parents Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma welcome their newest daughter Mae James Bair on March 24, 2021. (Credit: @hilaryduff on Instagram)

Meghan Trainor


Babies of Mandy Moore, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, and Meghan Trainor join for mommy and me music class. (Credit: @meghantrainor on Instagram)

Singer Meghan Trainor is 28, the youngest of the five moms, and completes the group along with her 15-month-old son Riley.

On how her creative process changed post-pregnancy, Trainor shared with Parents Magazine,

It feels like I’m telling my truth. I heard that when you have a baby, you get more creative, and my lyrics are changing. Instead of writing songs to make everyone feel better, I’m writing about how I feel in this moment. But it’s not like every day is sad. It’s more like: Yes, I am a badass, but this ain’t easy, and I have to get up and keep going.

For all the moms who are out there and rely on a little help from their friends, it is very cool to see these Disney moms come together and share their experiences.

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