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Anyone who fancies themselves a fan of boy bands from the 1990s will recognize names like 98 Degrees, N’SYNC, and the Backstreet Boys–and one of the leads in the Backstreet Boys, Kevin, appeared on Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary special tonight for a very magical reason! As it turns out, Kevin Richardson is not just a Backstreet Boy–he’s also a previous Disney World Resort Cast Member. Kevin actually was a tour guide for Disney World, and reminisced on the anniversary special about his role with Disney!

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Kevin was one of the tour guides for the crowd-pleasing backlot studio tours in the 1990s. He gave “25 minute tours” to Disney Guests as they traveled behind the scenes to look at the actual movie-making process. Everything from special effects to turbulent experiences like “Catastrophe Canyon” to peeks into the animation studios was included, and the backlot studio tours allowed Disney fans to really get a look at the men and women behind the Disney magic! When looking back on his time with Disney World, Kevin declared that Walt Disney World was an “inspiring, incredible place to come to work every day”.

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Pictures were shown of Kevin with a standard red Disney polo and a headset, looking very much like a usual tour guide. Many people who went to Walt Disney World and took a backlot studio tour in the 1990s must have had no idea that the handsome, red-T-shirt-clad young man who was guiding them on their tour was in fact a huge superstar in the making!

Are you watching the TV special “The Most Magical Story on Earth” tonight on ABC? We’ve already seen Julie Andrews, Whoopi Goldberg, and a Backstreet Boy; there’s no telling who will be showing up next, and what other surprises we might learn about Disney World as the night goes on!

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