The Disney Wish’s ‘Disney Uncharted Adventure’ Will Allow Guests To Experience Disney Stories Like Never Before

Disney Cruise Line Disney WIsh
Disney's Art Rendering of the Disney Wish Credit: Disney

If your first though upon hearing the word “uncharted” was the popular adventure video game series and the new movie starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland, then think again! While that ‘Uncharted’ will definitely be taking center stage next year when the movie premieres in February, Disney Cruise Line’s new ship the Disney Wish is also using the term in its new interactive “Disney Uncharted Adventure!” At Destination D23, more details about the new augmented reality experience were shared. Apparently a mix of AR, digital tech, and “physical props throughout the ship” will be used to give Disney Cruise Guests a unique adventure that’s not only in-depth, but also tactile. The goal was to make people look away from their phones and interact with each other, instead of staring at the screens during the game, so Disney’s Imagineers have put a lot of work into finagling the technology until it “[allowed them] to bring families together by giving you the experience to share in this story with the folks around you”. The end result is that Disney Cruise Guests can experience a “multi-day-adventure” as they “step into this grand Disney interactive adventure that could only take place at sea”.

Credit: Disney Cruise Lines

Essentially, Guests will use their phones and the guidance of Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey “to help navigate the ship to all of these fantastic far-off Disney worlds that [they’ve] always wanted to visit”! During the presentation at Destination D23, a Cast Member said that “your phone is gonna turn into this enchanted spyglass that allows you to see into these worlds that are off the map”. You’ll get to “interact with beloved Disney stories” in a completely unique and immersive way that manages to let you feel like you’re really getting to live out the Disney stories you love, but also encourages you to do it with your fellow Guests!

Credit: Disney

The Disney Wish sets sail in the summer of 2022–and be sure to book one of the luxurious Disney princess suites while you’re making your reservation!




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