This “Hawkeye” Actress Has Made A Major Change

Credit: Hailee Steinfeld Instagram

Some fans of Hailee Steinfeld will know the bubbly actress for her roles in serious dramas like True Grit or The Keeping Room (with Avatar‘s Sam Worthington), or perhaps for the pop music that she has sung both independently and as a cast member in the Pitch Perfect films. However, Steinfeld is about to be known by a lot more people, because she’s starring opposite Jeremy Renner in Marvel Studio’s newest Avengers offering: the Hawkeye television series! The trailer for the show just dropped this week, and it shows Katie Bishop (Steinfeld’s character) as Hawkeye’s new sidekick.


Bishop is also Hawkeye’s biggest fan, and the (self-proclaimed) “world’s best archer”, so the dynamic between the two characters promises to be humorous. However, while Hailee Steinfeld has often alternated between barefaced looks like in True Grit or The Keeping Room and dramatic makeup looks in her concert performances, she went for a huge change to her appearance in preparation for this year’s Met Gala. Behold: a bleach-blond Hailee (and we don’t just mean the hair on top of her head)!

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Yes, Hailee Steinfeld seems to have bleached both her hair and her eyebrows (not to mention had a drastic haircut). Reporters and photographers were genuinely unsure about the identity of the individual on the red carpet, and had to be told that it was Hailee!

As for the products used, Hailee is already partnered with La Mer, so we know that La Mer products were the focus for her makeup’s base. La Mer’s Treatment Lotion, Concentrate, Creme de La Mer (a favorite of Hailee’s) and Eye Concentrate were all used before foundation. The foundation used was most likely La Mer’s Soft Fluid Longwear one, or perhaps their cushion-compact version. Either way, Hailee had “perfect, flawless, dreamy skin” according to her makeup artist Kristine Studden. But the biggest question is when Hailee’s eyebrows are going to come back! And although the pictures above suggest that Hailee wore a blond wig and kept her signature brunette locks, who knows? Perhaps those were just hair extensions in the picture, and we’re going to see a very blond, eyebrow-less Katie Bishop on the Hawkeye press tour.


Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Had you heard about Steinfeld’s new look? Are you excited to see her in Marvel’s Hawkeye show?

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