This Indie Brand Has The Perfect Gift For ‘Moana’ Fans

Credit: Disney

If you’ve got a loved one who has expressed a love for Moana–either the Disney princess herself or the story that she stars in–then the best gift for him or her will be something involving the ocean! Maoi Swim, a small sustainable swimwear brand that has the “heart of Hawaii and the soul of Brazil”, was created by Hawaiian model Mahina Garcia and Brazilian model Julia Muniz. If you want to make a Moana lover’s day, and help them get some high-quality swimwear for the summertime, then a gift card to Maoi Swim might be the perfect solution!

Credit: Maoi Swim

Credit: Maoi Swim

Credit: Maoi Swim

Credit: Maoi Swim

The Maoi Swim brand is young, and each time it’s debuted a new collection so far, things have sold out right away. However, the site now has a more steady supply of swimsuits, so your gift recipient shouldn’t have as much trouble buying the suit that he or she wants! Mahina and Julia have designed bikinis and one-pieces with earthy, neutral tones so far; the most adventurous tops have been in a lilac color or a pale coral guava shade. If the Moana fan that you know would prefer something really vibrant, the Tropic of C swimwear brand might also be a good option (and that site has gift cards, too)!

Maoi Swim Founder Mahina Garcia Credit: Maoi Swim

Maoi Swim Founder Julia Muniz Credit: Maoi Swim

Gift cards might end up being a better choice than a swimsuit itself as a gift, because Maoi Swim is pricey. The higher cost comes from the small business’s focus on sustainability, however: Mahina and Julia are focused on “slow fashion”, since clothing production is actually terrible for the environment and wastes a lot of water. There is “zero water pollution” in the factory where the swimsuits are made, “all left-over fabric scraps are donated to a local charity”, a recycled fabric called ECONYL is used for the fabric, and the packaging is “a biodegradable cassava shipping bag.”

Maoi Swim Founder Mahina Garcia Credit: Maoi Swim

Do you know someone who loves Moana, loves the ocean, and would love the gift of a good swim?

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