Moana Celebrates Her Fifth Anniversary

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Although most Disney princesses have the Polynesian princess Moana beat when it comes to anniversaries (Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is celebrating her thirtieth anniversary right now with Belle wedding dresses, merchandise, bags, and Broadway reunions), and Walt Disney World itself has her beat as it celebrates its own fiftieth anniversary, the fifth anniversary of this plucky seafaring heroine is still worth celebrating! Disney has shared a special illustrated image in honor of Moana, and the Disney princess has also gotten lots of recognition this fall as one of the Disney princesses chosen for World Princess Week.

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Moana Credit: Disney Twitter

Moana cupcakes at Aulani. Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

In addition to Moana’s honorary image and her special treats from World Princess Week, the princess has also gotten bonuses this year in the form of Meet and Greets at Aulani Resort, a new ride that’s being developed, an exclusive makeup collection that sold out in record time, a marathon medal, and some special honors (including an exclusive suite) on the Disney Wish! Moana’s certainly had a busy year–and so has the actress who plays her, Auli’i Cravalho. Auli’i Cravalho, the notoriously sweet-natured high schooler who was plucked from her talent show in Hawaii and cast as a Disney princess out of the blue, has continued to delight fans in her personal life with her candor and humility.

Photo Credit: Disney

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

Credit: BĂ©same Cosmetics

World Nature

Concept art for “Journey of Water”, the upcoming Moana ride. Photo: Disney

The actress has also just been cast in another animated Disney project; this time, it’s a TV show! Auli’i’s costar ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, who played Moana’s ‘partner-in-crime’ Maui, has also had a big year. The affable actor and Disney darling starred in the well-received movie adaptation of ‘Jungle Cruise‘, as well as a brand-new heist comedy alongside Gal Gadot (who is shifting from Wonder Woman to the Evil Queen from ‘Snow White’ shortly). All in all, it looks like Moana and the cast behind the scenes of her movie have had a good year! Happy anniversary, Moana! The ocean chose you.

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