This New Disney Restaurant Has A Special Elevator For Guests

Credit: Ashley Carter

The Space 220 restaurant just opened this morning at Walt Disney World Resort, and Disney Guests are already boarding their intergalactic flights to dine–because apparently they have to take a very unique elevator ride! Journalist Ashley Carter is live-tweeting from the event, and revealed some images and footage of the experience.

Once you have your ‘ticket’ to the Centauri Space Station (aka the actual Space 220 restaurant), you ride up to view EPCOT from 220 miles above the Earth!

Here’s a video of what it’s like for Disney Guests inside the elevator! As you can see from the footage, Disney does a convincing job with the special effects. Guests will really feel like the elevator is rising to extreme heights, and get a great view!

Once the elevator ride is over, everyone gets to pass by the “Grow Zone”, displaying some ‘space-grown’ produce that Guests can picture as part of their sky-high meal.

The menu of this brand-new restaurant looks promising (according to the Disney Parks Blog), with offerings like the Galactic Lobster Globe, Filet Mignon, and Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. The Astro Deviled Eggs (free-range eggs deviled with maple-glazed bacon, scallions, pickled shallots, and cilantro), classic Chicken on Waffles (fried chicken, smoked bacon and roasted corn waffles, spiced coleslaw, and a bourbon maple glaze), and the Baked Maccheroni (which includes candele pasta, sausage ragu, broccolini, sheep’s milk Ricotta, Béchamel, and Pecorino cheeses) all look particularly good!  The previously-mentioned Galactic Lobster Globe will be a highlight for any lobster-lovers: with Maine Lobster, quinoa, bulgur wheat, avocado, lettuce, mango, citrus dressing, and crispy wontons, it sounds like a full meal all by itself. Adult Guests might want to try the Milky Way cocktail: with chilled espresso, spiced brown sugar syrup, caramel, cream, and actual Milky Way bits, it sounds perfect for autumn!


Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Space 220 is just the first restaurant to be opening up before Walt Disney World’s big 50th anniversary celebration; next up is La Creperie de Paris! Which restaurant are you more excited to try?

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