Three Disney Employees Arrested in Human Trafficking Operation

Magic Kingdom.
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Per recent news, three Disney World employees have been arrested in a human trafficking operation in Polk County, Florida.

While most of the time, we at Disney Fanatic have only the most wonderful news to share about “The Most Magical Place on Earth” or the Walt Disney Company at large. From the most iconic Disney love story there is to stories about the remote-controlled animals on a Disney safari, there are a lot of incredible things at the Disney Park.

However, sometimes, we also have less than savory news to share, and today is one such day.

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort, Central Florida / Credit: Disney

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In the latest news from the Central Florida Disney resort, a high school coach and three Disney World employees, are among more than 200 people who have been arrested in a human trafficking operation in Polk County, Florida. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced that they had arrested 219 people, and 35 undocumented immigrants during a human trafficking sting named “Traffic Stop 2.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd explained that 21 of the 119 prostitutes arrested during the operation were most likely victims of human trafficking.

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“Not only did we arrest more suspects during this single operation than we have ever arrested before, we identified 21 human trafficking victims; during a similar operation in February, we identified 24 victims,” Sheriff Judd said. “That’s 45 victims we were able to identify this year. The valuable relationships that we have with the social services organizations who join us in these operations make it possible for these women to get help and be emancipated from this way of life.”

Kenneth Green, Marquis Nixon, and Carlos Ro, as well as one who worked at a Disney Hotel, were also among those arrested. One America News reported, “Authorities reportedly charged a total of 44 felonies and 242 misdemeanors during the sting operation.”

the walt disney company

The Walt Disney Company / Credit: Disney

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Unfortunately, among those arrested is a high school coach, Russell Rogers. Rogers is an athletic director at Vanguard High School and a teacher at Auburndale High School REAL Academy.

“Part of being an educator is understanding that you are held to a higher standard for your actions in the classroom, as well as the community,” district officials commented about Rogers. “These charges don’t involve students, and Rogers was not on duty as a teacher, but this kind of conduct still has no place in our school system.”

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all updates relating to this story as well as all the other latest Disney Park news.

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