Three Things Disney World Needs Before a 5th Theme Park

Disney World Changes
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Scores of Disney fans across the internet continue to speculate that a fifth Theme Park is in Disney World’s future. While I do believe that to be a possibility, I also believe that there is so much other Theme Park work that needs to be done before there is any talk about another entire Park.

Here are my top 3:

New Disney World Monorail Trains

Disney Monorail Bill

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The Walt Disney World Monorail System is operating trains that are over 30 years old. They are nicknamed the ducktape monorails because no matter how much they repaint the outside or redesign the interiors, they look rough, like they are being held together with nothing but duck tape. Breakdowns are also becoming more and more of an issue. Let’s replace these Mark VI monorails with the Mark VIIIs already!

Tomorrowland Revamp


Credit: Disney

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Disney World’s situation is not as bad as Disneyland’s, but the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland is still starting to really show its age. From the PeopleMover and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin to the Tomorrowland Speedway and Space Mountain. Not to mention Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. It’s time for a full revamp of the iconic land and its attractions, and I would rather see that before anything new gets added.

Refurbish Value Resorts


Credit: Disney

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Continuing with refurbishments, any money that Walt Disney Imagineering would allocate to a new Theme Park or a new Themed Land should first go to improving the quality of Disney’s Value Resorts, such as Disney’s Pop! Century Resort, and Disney’s All-Star Resorts. Let’s improve the quality of everyone’s stay first before improving the quality of everyone’s day.

There is a lot of excitement going on at Disney Theme Parks all over the world, from the expansion of Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris to the replacement of Splash Mountain with Tianas Bayou Adventure and redevelopment of New Orleans Square at Disneyland Resort (not to mention the revamp of Downtown Disney).

There are also some potentially exciting “blue sky” plans that might happen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Magic Kingdom Park. But when considering Walt Disney World Guests, some other things should come first.

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