Spider-Man Takes A Turn As the Legendary Nathan Drake

credit: WhatsOnDisneyPlus
credit: WhatsOnDisneyPlus

Tom Holland has become a household name since he’s played the charmingly naive, acrobatic Spider-man in Marvel’s Spider-man and Avengers movies–but he’s also becoming more well known in a very specific, less arachnid-focused audience. Fans of Naughty Dog’s widely-acclaimed “Uncharted” video games have been waiting for the games’ affable action hero and treasure hunter Nathan Drake to get some movie adaptations, and after years of stalled attempts to make a Nathan Drake movie happen, there’s one finally in the works with Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.


Tom Holland released the above picture of himself on Instagram (and the game’s Nathan Drake is shown for comparison), and we know that Mark Wahlberg is playing Sully (his wisecracking mentor from the games), but otherwise there’s been very little information about the movie. It’s switched directors many times, and initially was meant to be made in 2016. The pandemic has also caused its release date to be pushed back repeatedly, making the premiere date February 18th 2022 (unless there are more delays).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this prequel will have Elena Fisher, the adventurous journalist who becomes Nathan Drake’s wife and joins him on his action-packed archaeological quests. Instead, his romantic interest is Chloe Frazer (played by Sophia Ali), and although Chloe was another favorite in the games, many fans will be disappointed when they don’t see Elena. Fans were also disappointed that the movie isn’t a present-day Uncharted film with actor Nathan Fillion as the lead, because the actor has expressed an intense interest in the role for years. He even made a fan film that has received rave reviews!

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While most Disney and Marvel fans only know Tom Holland for his work in Spider-man and the Avengers (or perhaps for his relationship with his costar Zendaya), they might be pleasantly surprised to see him in a less supernatural action role! Have you ever played the award-winning Uncharted games? Are you excited to see ‘Spider-man’ in other movies, and to see him team up with Doctor Strange in “Spider-man: No Way Home” this December?


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