Top 10 Decadent Chocolate Desserts At Disney

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For me, a day that doesn’t include chocolate is a sad day indeed. I keep a dark chocolate stash on hand for moments when I’m happy, moody, hungry, awake, etcetera. I’d like to think it’s because eating dark chocolate daily effectively reduces my risk of heart disease by one-third, but the health-related benefits are just an added bonus for me. I eat chocolate because it’s obnoxiously delicious, stimulates the release of those wonderful endorphins and makes me want to break into a “Happy” dance, a la Pharrell Williams.

What do I like even better than eating copious amount of chocolate? Walt Disney World, of course! Lucky for me, I won’t ever have to choose between the two of them as Disney offers some of the best-tasting chocolate desserts known to mankind! Whether you are a chocolate connoisseur and indulge in some of the world’s finest or have been known to satisfy your craving with a big bowl of Cocoa Puffs, these 10 chocolate Disney desserts are worth planning your next vacation for! Grab a napkin as these are delectably droolworthy, and count down with us!

10. Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich—L’Artisan des Glaces, Epcot

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, yes please! Let me start off by saying that this will probably be the best chocolate ice cream you’ve ever had. This deeply-flavored and creamy chocolate ice cream is made in house and then sandwiched between delectably light, chocolate macaron cookies. Whoever decided to put soft serve inside the commonly ganache, jam or buttercream filled macaron is a genius as it creates a perfect contrast of crispy-on-the-outside cookie crunch and cold, luscious ice-creaminess on the inside. This double-chocolate perfection is located at L’Artisan des Glaces in the France pavilion at Epcot.

9. Espresso Escape Sundae—Ghirardelli Soda Fountain, Downtown Disney

To be honest, you really can’t go wrong ordering off the menu here as every item is certain to triumphantly satisfy your sweet tooth, but if you have a chocolate craving that needs serious attention, then you should try this intensely dark chocolate sundae. The ingredients include espresso chip ice cream, freshly homemade dark chocolate hot fudge, whipped cream and an Intense Dark Twilight Delight® 72% Chocolate. Ghirardelli has perfected their chocolate making craft, sealing a trusted reputation for being reliably delicious, and has won me over heart and soul with their individually wrapped squares. Should it be any wonder that their ice creams and sundaes are so insanely yummy?! A word to the wise—these sundaes are huge, so bring your appetite and a friend to share!

8. The King Cupcake—Everything Pop, Disney’s Pop Century Resort

For a resort that celebrates all things pop-culture, it should come as no surprise that they’d have a special food item that holds tribute to the King of Rock ‘n Roll. Apparently, one of Elvis’s favorite sandwiches was an unusual combination of peanut butter, banana and bacon so, naturally, they created a cupcake out of it! The base of the cupcake is chocolate and not just ANY chocolate but an incredibly moist, flavorful, not-too-sugar-sweet chocolate. They filled the chocolate cupcake with banana custard, topped it with a fluffy peanut butter frosting and sprinkled crispy bits of sweet and savory candied bacon over that. There is a lot going on here in this one cupcake, but the uncommon combination of flavors all marry exceptionally well together.

7. Chocolate Croissant—Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie, Epcot

Picture this, you are meandering along a cobblestone path, taking in the sights of quaint French shops and the charming, romantic bistro tables that line them. A sweet, pleasant aroma wafts past your nose and leads you inside a large room, filled to the fullest with eye-catching displays of colorful pastries, tarts and sandwiches. You aren’t dreaming…you are inside Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie located at Epcot’s France Pavilion. While I wouldn’t fault you for wanting to sample every sweet treat your eyes land on, you should know that this pastry shop is highly praised for their delicious chocolate croissants. The large, buttery and flaky croissant is stuffed with generous hunks of decadent chocolate. This specific dessert is not only a crowd-pleaser, but is considered to be one of the most sought-after sweet treats on Disney property. If you haven’t done it before, go there for breakfast and order a coffee or latte and chocolate croissant. While the World Showcase does not open until 11am, the Patisserie is open at 9am for breakfast, giving you a perfect excuse to duck inside the countries and relax in a charming French setting before all the hustle and bustle and crowds.

6. Chocolate Extinction—T-Rex Café, Downtown Disney

You can order the Jurassic Salad or the Gigantosaurus Burger here but I promise you, nothing will elicit the “oohs and ahhs” quite like the Chocolate Extinction. Its name is derived not from the number of patrons who’ve slipped into a chocolate induced food-coma after eating it, but from the fun and grandiosely prehistoric theme which gives all items a “larger than life” representation. This dessert is massive, to say the least, and definitely meant to be shared. When the “smoking” plate is placed before you, you’ll find four big hunks of chocolate fudge cake along with four scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with four scoops of whipped cream. All of it drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces and sprinkles of Butterfinger. Yes, Butterfinger. And that “chocolate fudge cake” is so much more than just a slab of chocolate cake. These are dense, gooey, fudgy, brownie-like wedges with a caramel layer in the middle. That “smoking” effect comes from a tumbler full of dry ice which is placed center-stage on the plate. Trust me, when you get served this delicious, gasp-inducing dessert, all eyes will be on you!

5. Warm Banana Chocolate Torte—Citricos, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Citricos holds a special place in my heart because this is the restaurant my husband took me to the night he proposed. I had probably one of the best meals of my entire life, and this was BEFORE he got down on one knee. The food was phenomenal, the service was outstanding, the décor and view exceptional. If you Google this fine-dining restaurant you’ll find far more positive reviews than negative, people raving about the unique presentations and the memory of extraordinary flavors. If you need a little more encouragement to give this restaurant a try, let’s take a look at their signature dessert. The presentation alone is a sight to behold. The Belgium chocolate lattice crown towering above the dessert looks more like a piece of art than something meant to be eaten. Then there’s the deeply dark chocolate torte with caramelized banana slices and a side of vanilla ice cream. A definite winner of a dessert, it’s warm and divine and richly satisfying.

4. Chocolate Mousse Cake—Sunshine Seasons, Epcot

Located at the base of The Land Pavilion, this quick service dining spot has a little bit of everything to please even the pickiest of palates. Their dessert display alone is reason to make the trek inside causing many a “full” patron to insist there’s just enough room for a little dessert. The Chocolate Mousse Cake is quite popular here for good reason. It’s fluffy and rich but not TOO rich and has such a deep level of chocolate flavor that you’ll be happily flittering off into LaLa Land with every spoonful. The internet is buzzing with people trying to get their hands on this coveted recipe. Do yourself a favor and order your own to see what the hubbub is all about!

3. Chocolate Pudding Cake w/Nutella Filling—California Grill, The Contemporary Resort

Nutella has become quite the celebrity over the last several years, people incorporating it into every recipe imaginable. Lucky for Nutella, chocolate has always been A-list, so the pairing works quite brilliantly. The menu at The California Grill describes this dessert as “a luscious chocolate cake with Nutella filling, meringue kisses, and mint Chantilly.” Basically, this dessert will blow you out of the water and should be heavily considered as a “must try” by any and every Chocoholic alive.

2. Chocolate Espresso Torte—Turf Club Bar and Grill, Saratoga Springs Resort

Listen, if you have any intention of ordering this dessert (and you should have EVERY intention), do yourself a favor and save room for it. It is VERY rich and decadent and contains so much chocolate that you might need a tranquilizer to sleep that night. This creamy espresso-tainted chocolate torte is heavily drizzled with chocolate sauce and is resting in a pool of raspberry syrup. The dessert is also accompanied by a vanilla-port wine ice cream and a handful of fresh berries. Each and every bite will have you swooning with chocolate induced pleasure as it is simply a masterpiece of perfect pairings.

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1. Sparkling Volcano—Rainforest Café, Downtown Disney

THIS is the chocolate dessert that makes all other chocolate desserts cower. Make sure there are plenty of spoons to go around because this behemoth of a dessert is enough to feed an army. The dessert consists of velvety chocolate brownies stacked high to resemble a volcano, served warm with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. I’m a sucker for brownies a ’la mode and this dessert takes my love to an entirely new level. Similar to the Chocolate Extinction at T-Rex, this dessert will draw attention to your table as it is served with an ignited sparkler sticking out of the “erupting” center. Add this dessert to your bucket list and satisfy that intense chocolate hankering of yours!

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