Top 10 Rides at Walt Disney World Parks That You Shouldn’t Miss

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All the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World are designed with the spirit of Walt Disney himself as the inspiration for each an every addition. Some attractions are more popular than others, and everyone has their own opinion of their favorites. I have listed the rides that usually attract the most visitors.

10. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland—The PeopleMover is not what you would describe as a thrill ride, but it is one of the most popular rides in Tomorrowland. A moving conveyor belt takes guests up to another conveyor belt that is moving at the same speed as the tram cars you will be boarding. Once onboard, sit back for a relaxing 10-minute ride through and around Tomorrowland attractions and shops. Your journey takes you on an elevated tour of all the sights and sounds of this incredible world of Tomorrow.

The PeopleMover moves at a quick pace, but slows down when entering attractions like Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. If you are tired, hot, and need a break, the PeopleMover is a very good way to relax, put your feet up, and enjoy this unique view of Tomorrowland. There is no height restriction.

9. Pirates of the Caribbean

Magic Kingdom, Adventureland—The queue of this ride resembles the inside of a Spanish Fortress, with skeletons playing chess, cannons and cannonballs, and many other features of a pirate’s conquest. You board a small skiff and begin your floating journey into the world of pirates, beginning with a thrilling dip down a small waterfall, followed by scenes of what were once pirates, now skeletons, and mermaids swimming in the water beside your boat. After being fired upon by a pirate ship, you enter a small village that is being plundered and pillaged by a group of rowdy pirates.

Hidden among these pirates is one famous character, Capt. Jack Sparrow, who makes an appearance as he is attempting to stay out of sight. As you are exiting the burning village, you get one final view of Jack Sparrow sitting on a throne in a room filled with a typical pirate’s loot of gold, precious jewels, and other treasures. He serenades your departure with the famous tune “Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me”.

The special effects and all the audio animatronic figures make this a very entertaining attraction for adults and children. There is no height restriction.

8. Splash Mountain

Magic Kingdom, Frontierland—“Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay, My Oh My What a Wonderful Day” are the words to a famous song from the classic Disney feature length film, Song of the South. This log flume ride tells the story of that movie with plenty of comical audio animatronic characters, sudden waterfalls, and lively tunes right out of the movie. Along the way you will meet Br’er Bear, Br’er, Rabbit, and Br’er Fox in very hilarious situations. Toward the end of the ride your log climbs a steep incline, then suddenly riders take a plunge down a 5-story waterfall. The splashdown after this drop will get you wet. It depends on where you are sitting, but the riders who sit in the front can expect to get soaked. This “happy place” will leave all your family members laughing and anxious to take another “dip” on Splash Mountain. Note: There is a height restriction, mostly because of the large drop.

7. Test Track, Epcot

Epcot, Futureworld—When you first enter this state-of-the-art facility, you will be amazed at all the innovative advancements in automobile technology by the sponsor of this attraction, the Chevrolet Division of the General Motors Corporation. All around are exhibits and concept cars that will surprise and intrigue you. The first step in this attraction is designing you own virtual concept car on special monitors, followed by a thrilling ride through an experimental testing course.

Step into a 6-passenger concept car and prepare for a fantastic trip through the testing zones. They include driving over rough terrain, banking on tight curves, sudden braking, experience speedy straight-aways, inclement weather, scaling hills that are up to 3 stories high, and other tests, with results of your sim car after each test on easy-to-read visual charts. The ultimate thrill comes when your vehicle is taken on a mile long stretch of highway outside above the ground reaching speeds of 65mph. Ladies, no amount of hair spray will keep your hairdo in place while speeding around this one-of-a-kind Test Track. There is a height restriction.

6. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios—This attraction is based on an old black and white TV series which ran from 1959-1964. The Hollywood Tower Hotel looms above you as you enter this dilapidated, neglected, one famous hotel, which has fallen into ruin because of an incident which occurred years earlier. An entire family, their Nanny, and a bell hop entered an elevator, and on its way to an upper floor, lightning struck the Hotel, and everyone mysteriously disappeared and supposedly entered another dimension, a dimension located in The Twilight Zone.

After an introduction by Rod Serling appearing on a small TV in the library, you enter the Hotel’s boiler room and board a strange-looking elevator, and the adventure begins. Hold onto your seats because this particular elevator glides slowly up to the top of the Hotel, pauses, then abruptly drops for a stomach-wrenching fall, and before you can catch your breath, you are quickly pulled back up, dropped again, and this goes on for several drops, each as terrifying as the first one. The screams from the elevator passengers can be heard below as the outside doors open and pauses just before that first long drop. This ride is definitely terrifying and thrilling at the same time. There is a height restriction.

5. Space Mountain

Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland—Space Mountain is an exhilarating ride in a rocket-shaped vehicle which is launched into a dark galaxy with only the flow of stars and comets to light your way. It’s a thrill ride with rapid twists and turns, ups and downs, all in the darkness of the universe. The futuristic sounds and music make this ride even more exciting. From the time you begin your journey until your final landing, you are immersed in a world of chills and thrills, a very sensational experience. There is a height restriction.

4. Expedition Everest

Animal Kingdom, Asia—Travel to the Himalayas and take a thrill ride on an old rustic train, move smoothly along through a forest, then climb high into the mountains. Legend has it that a guardian keeps watch over the sacred realm of the Himalays, Yeti, a mysterious snow monster who supposedly has cause major damage to several trains and expeditions high in the mountains, where your train is headed. The train ride begins slowly, gliding through a forest, then climbs a steep incline to the top, then comes to a halt because the track has been destroyed. After a momentary pause, the train begins a speedy backward trek back through the mountain, then halts again when a shadowy monstrous figure tearing up the track appears before you, then you begin moving forward once again, even faster than before racing in and out of the mountain at breakneck speeds, with many dips and tight curves. Anxiety mixed with terror and excitement is an adequate description of most travelers’ reactions to this extreme thrill ride, but you must beware of the Yeti. There is a height restriction.

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3. Toy Story Midway Mania

Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios—The queue to this delightful attraction is right through Andy’s room, where everything is supersized, like a huge Candy Land game box, gigantic View Master, enormous crayons, and lots of other popular games and toys. An animated Mr. Potato Head entertains you with his zany humor and invites you to join the fun. All guests are given 3D glasses as they get closer to the loading area. Here you climb into a ride vehicle which seats four guests, 2 in each seat, back to back. Each vehicle is equipped with 4 spring action shooters.

Put on your 3D glasses and begin your wild and crazy ride through the Toy Story Midway Games Play Set, where you can aim at stationary and moving 3D objects in a variety of fast-paced carnival games. These wacky games feature 4D effects, like air blasts and water sprays. Your ride vehicle makes quick turns and sudden stops as you go from game to game, trying to hit as many target as you can. The points add up as you hit your mark, and at the end of the game, your score is posted showing how well you did. This is a ride for the whole family, fun and laughs all around. You don’t want to miss this ride, and you’ll want to ride it again and again. There is no height restriction.

2. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland—This very popular ride is the most recent addition to the New Fantasyland. Board a wood carved mine car for a rollicking trip through the countryside and into the Seven Dwarfs diamond mine. This ride is designed with a brand new first-of-its-kind ride system in which each car moves independently of the rest and sways back and forth as it navigates rapid turns, dips, and sharp banks. From the dwarfs singing and digging for diamonds to Snow White dancing in the cottage, this charming but thrilling ride is entertaining and very exciting. There is a height restriction.

1. Peter Pan’s Flight

Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland—This classic ride has delighted guests of all ages since the WDW Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, and before that was also very popular at Disneyland in California. Also, this is the only ride at both Parks where your ride vehicle, a flying pirate ship, is attached to a track suspended from the ceiling, giving every guest the sensation of flying. As you enter your ship, you fly through the Darling children’s bedroom and up into the skies over London, where you can look down at the lights from the city, as they get smaller and smaller, and your ship climbs higher and higher into the heavens.

Through a series of animated scenes, you relive the story of Peter Pay, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Michael, and John as they interact with the lost boys, an Indian Princess, mermaids, and the evil Captain Hook, his first mate, Mr. Smee, and, of course, a tick-tocking crocodile. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom and has been for almost 45 years. The lines are always long, and the fast pass reservations fill up fast. It’s the magic and fantasy of Disney that make this ride so popular. There is no height restriction.

Walt Disney World is filled with imaginative and innovative rides and attractions. Everyone has their favorites, and I have listed my opinion of the top ten. The rides I have listed are also the ones who usually have the longest lines. Decide for yourself which rides you would classify as your top ten. It’s not easy because there are so many great rides here at this most magical place on earth.

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