Top 10 Things We Wish Were Different About Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

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There’s no question that staying on property makes a difference in your Disney World vacation experience. Many Disney fanatics feel that the advantages and perks gained by staying on property far outweigh any downsides that may also be associated with it. The convenient transportation and Extra Magic Hours are just a couple of those perks. However, that’s not to say that the Disney resort hotel experience couldn’t be made better with just a few additions or changes that range from the practical to real Wishes Upon a Star. Here are just a few of the things we wish were different about Walt Disney World Resort Hotels:

10. Easier on the Mickey Wallet

One of the biggest benefits of staying off property is of course, the lower cost of hotels and resorts that can be found. Disney resort guests usually pay a premium for the privilege of staying on property. While I understand that service which frequently goes above and beyond requires money to maintain, it would still nonetheless be nice to have a lower price structure for all levels of Disney Resort accommodations. Particularly in light of the increasing ticket costs.

9. More Room in the Clubhouse

While we’re on the subject of resort rooms, I have to add that it would be nice if there were just a few more square feet available inside them. The rooms at Disney resorts don’t appear to be any smaller than your average hotel room, but then this is supposed to be a better experience than your average hotel room. When you’ve got mommy and daddy and a couple of kids climbing all over each other while trying to get ready in the morning or dry off after visiting the pool, a little more space would do wonders for preserving the sanity of everyone in the room!

8. Monorails Everywhere!

Okay, I freely admit that having a ubiquitous monorail system throughout the Disney World Resort would probably be way too complex to pull off and would also destroy the incredible natural surroundings that can be found there. Nonetheless, how amazing would it be if every single Disney resort hotel had monorail service to the parks? I know, right?

7. Whatever Floats Your Boat

For those who prefer to travel over the water, we would love to see a system of canals that allow more Disney transportation by boat. One of the best ways to travel on Disney property, particularly at the end of a long day, is onboard a boat in the Disney Watercraft Department. The breeze off the water, the lull of the engine, the casual pace… they all make for a tranquil transportation experience. A system of canals that gives access to the theme parks from each of the Disney resorts would provide a relaxing way home at the end of the Disney day.

6. More Buses, Better Buses

With the chances of Disney incorporating a resort-wide monorail system or boat canal system being pretty slim, they could at least put a few more buses into service at every resort. I for one wouldn’t mind turning that 10-20 minute wait into a 5-minute wait at most. And while we’re at it, let’s add some amenities to the buses as well. I’m thinking an onboard restroom for those child emergencies, reclining seats, TVs running Disney animated shorts, outlets for charging your electronics, and free Wi-Fi would be a great start! Better yet, we could complete the transportation trifecta by making all three of these ideas happen, and ensure that none of them would ever be crowded again!

5. Larger Family Rooms

For a company that makes its living by appealing to families, it sure would be nice if Disney World had some more resort accommodations for large families. Once you pass two adults and two children, your options decrease drastically. And while Disney has tried to address this need with family suites at resorts like Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, families with more than six people have to look at deluxe resorts to have many options, which can be financially counter-productive to large families. More reasonable options for larger families or families traveling with extended family or friends would help.

4. Buenas Vistas

There are some amazing views that can be found in a large number of resort rooms on Disney property. But let’s face it, for every room with a great view there’s probably five that pretty much only have a view of the resort building next door. Disney can seemingly do anything, so a great view from every room doesn’t seem that much to ask. A company that can put “magical portholes” in every inside stateroom on their cruise ships can surely create a “magic window” for their resort hotel rooms! I’d love to open my curtains and see a close-up view of Cinderella Castle or scenery from a Disney movie!

3. More Food Options

All of the Disney resorts have several options for food available. Some even have a nice selection of restaurants to choose from. But there are several resorts that leave you pretty well boxed in where your choices are concerned. It sure would be nice to have every possible culinary desire able to be met, regardless of the resort you’re staying in.

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2. More Disney Channels

Disney does have several channels to choose from when you’re staying at the resort, including Disney Channel and Disney XD. But it seems that this entertainment giant could do a lot better where in-room entertainment is concerned. With all that content in their catalog, channels running 24-hour Disney animated feature films and live-action movies seem to be a no-brainer. And while we’re at it Disney, your parks are open pretty late – is it too much to ask that you keep the bedtime story channel with Duffy the Disney Bear going past 10 PM? There are plenty of little ones needing a bedtime story at 10:15 or even 11:00 PM too!

1. In-Room Fireworks Spectacular

Fitting somewhere in between better views and better Disney TV options, another great feature would be if all Disney resort rooms had a view of one of the nighttime spectaculars offered at the resort. While that may not be possible, it would seem that a live stream of the evening’s fireworks and festivities would be easy to show on a TV channel in the rooms. This would be a wonderful feature for families with young children who either can’t stay at the parks late enough to see them or are too frightened by the noise to see them in person.

Uh oh, now I’ve done it! I’ve gone and left out the most obvious, best upgrade to Disney World resort rooms that anyone’s ever thought of! So what is it? What idea do you think would be an amazing addition to resort rooms? What change do you wish Disney would make to their resorts?

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