Top 10 Walt Disney World Jobs For Your Retirement

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After working most of your life, who wouldn’t want to retire in sunny Florida and spend your days at the happiest place on earth? There are many positions available for retirees to keep their retired days busy and entertained throughout the entire Disney property. Whether you decide to work full time, part time, or even just seasonal, there is a position for you! Here are ten Walt Disney World jobs to consider for retirement!

10. Wardrobe Department

There are many positions behind the scenes of the parks and resorts, one of them being in the wardrobe department. Dolling out costumes and even sewing may be an option if you have talent and experience with making clothing. This is also a great way to stay out of the sun and for those that are not interested in mingling with guests, this is a good way to just interact with other cast members.

9. First-Aid Station Attendant

Every park has a first-aid station where guests can come in and ask for Band-Aids and other items to treat minor injuries. These first-aid stations are usually not busy. This is a great opportunity to also sit indoors and help guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Ticket Attendant

Having trouble with standing around for hours? The ticket booths maybe the right job for you. This is one of the few positions where sitting is allowed. Selling tickets to guests is pretty laid back and it allows retirees a chance to sit in air conditioning too.

7. Bartender

There are several lounges around the various resorts on property. Most of them are laid back and classy, perfect for retirees who want to stay cool indoors and mingle with adults in a chic setting. There are also several lounges right by the pool, so if you prefer the great outdoors, you can serve drinks with some spectacular views of the pool.

6. Waiter or Waitress

I know what you’re thinking….waiting tables is not easy, especially when the restaurant has reached capacity and you’ve got to use every muscle to lift those heavy trays of entrees. There are some restaurants however, that do not require as much back work and heavy lifting! There are a slew of buffet style restaurants that only require waiters to take drink orders while guests serve themselves. Clearing the tables after guests finish are also required by waiters, however, you wont have to carry around large trays of food to tables since guests take care of that themselves.

5. Friendship Boat Crew Member

What better way to spend your days than on relaxing boat rides with beautiful views? Over at the Boardwalk Resort, Yacht and Beach Club, and Swan and Dolphin Resort, guests can take the Friendship boats to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. There are several boats traveling to both of the parks from all three of these resorts and typically there are 2-3 crewmembers. These rides are very relaxing and easy going, perfect for retirees!

4. Character Assistant

Being a character takes a lot of work, but assisting them can actually be quite fun! You can mingle with guests and assist with taking pictures. It’s a great way to feel the magic with others!

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3. Indoor Attractions

There are various attractions that are mellower than some complex rides. Attractions such as the Hall of Presidents, Mickey’s Philarmagic, and The American Adventure at Epcot are all shows in which cast members encourage guests to move down the rows to make room for others a give a brief monologue about safety procedures before they introduce the show. These attractions are indoors (great for those hot summer days) and are less strenuous than other rides.

2. Shop Clerk

It’s no doubt the shops throughout the Walt Disney World resort are a great place to work at. With so many fun items and décor, it makes for a fabulous way to assist guests with needs and chitchat with visitors. I have met so many wonderful cast members that work at the shops and they are all willing to assist at all times. This is also a great way to stay out of the blazing heat on those long summer days!

1. Resort & Park Greeter

Seeing guests arrive through the doors of their Walt Disney World Resort for the first time has to bring a smile to cast members faces. It is so exciting to see little ones so thrilled to start their vacation and explore the resort and parks. Being a resort greeter is a laid back position that will allow you to interact with guests and greet them on their way in. This is great for retirees because you can take it easy (compared to other positions around the property) and while most greeters are outside, you will most likely be right in front of the lobby doors where you may be able to cool off a little on breaks. Greeting guests at the front of the park is also a laid back position.

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