Top 12 Pressed Pennies To Collect At Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Pressed Pennies

Most Disney fanatics know that collecting pressed pennies around the Walt Disney World Resort is not just a cost-effective way to get a Disney souvenir, it’s also a lot of fun! For a relatively small investment that could be made over several trips to the resort, you could eventually visit every machine on property to collect every pressed penny that exists! Or if you prefer, you can focus your hunt on specific characters or specific locations that best suit your interests or budget. Here are some of the top pressed pennies that you’ll find at Walt Disney World’s Epcot:

12. Uncle Sam Mickey Mouse

Mickey has always been a patriotic mouse, and you can see it in this pressed penny that celebrates the American Adventure pavilion. Mickey is dressed up as Uncle Sam, complete with Stars and Stripes top hat, jacket, and cane. The Epcot logo and the words “World Showcase” complete the look. You can locate this beautiful coin at the Port of Entry shop.

11. Spaceship Earth in Goofy Clothes

You have to appreciate the originality of this coin, which features Spaceship Earth dressed up in Goofy’s hat, vest, pants, and shoes. Also displaying the Epcot logo, this coin is one that will bring a smile to your face. Pick it up at Innoventions West and be sure to give a great big “ah-hyuck” when you do!

10. Mulan

The best pressed pennies are those which strike a balance between being nicely detailed and being clear and simple. Fans of Mulan will want to pick up this penny for being a perfect example of that balance. On it, Mulan is pictured from the waist up, holding onto an umbrella. The Mulan logo appears at the top, underlined with a dragon that looks like Mushu. It’s just a beautiful penny to collect, and you’ll find it in the World Traveler shop at the International Gateway.

9. Figment

Created for Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination ride rather than for a Disney movie or TV show, Figment nonetheless has enjoyed a significant following among Disney guests. So much so that there was a public outcry when he was removed from the ride in 1999. That led to his reinstatement a relatively quick three years later. Pick up this penny, featuring Figment’s open-mouthed smile and the Epcot logo at Innoventions East.

8. Soarin’

Many Epcot visitors consider Soarin’ to be the best attraction in the entire park. So why not pick up a pressed penny that will commemorate your ride? The Land’s food court is the place to go to pick up this coin, which features guests flying over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, along with the Soarin’ logo.

7. Simba (Rafiki’s Drawing)

While there are a number of pressed pennies featuring Lion King’s Simba that can be found across the Disney Resort, the coin that can be found at the African Outpost in the World Showcase is unique. This penny features Simba as he appears in Rafiki’s drawing on the Tree of Life, along with the Epcot logo.

6. Jack Jack of the Incredibles

With all the excitement that has resurfaced among Disney fanatics in light of the 2018 Incredibles 2 movie, there is a renewed interest in pressed pennies featuring the family of superheroes as well. Epcot gives collectors the chance to pick up the youngest member of the clan, Jack Jack, complete with wide eyes and his footie pajamas. You can find this coin at Disney Traders.

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5. Duffy the Disney Bear

There are nine pressed pennies on Walt Disney World property featuring Duffy the Disney Bear, and eight of them can be found in Epcot. Of those eight, seven feature Duffy dressed in the traditional style of some of the pavilions in World Showcase. If Disney had a Duffy penny available for every pavilion, it would be a series worth collecting. But several pavilions are unrepresented, and they retired the France penny. So until Disney gives Duffy the entire World Showcase series that he deserves, stick with the basic and unthemed – but still adorable – Duffy penny that can be found at Innoventions West.

4. Mickey Mouse With Flags

If you want a penny that sums up Epcot in one image, it’s hard to beat this coin. Mickey Mouse stands in front of Spaceship Earth, holding a dozen world flags. The Epcot logo is embossed at the bottom of the penny as well. You’ll find this one at The Puffin’s Roost in the Norway pavilion.

3. Finding Nemo Seagulls

One of the funniest and most creative pressed pennies available at the Disney Resort, let alone Epcot, this coin features five of the seagulls that were introduced to us in 2003’s Finding Nemo and made a brief cameo appearance in 2016’s Finding Dory. With their mouths open, the word “mine” is embossed around them twelve times! You can be just as greedy by snapping this penny up at The Seas with Nemo & Friends (of course).

2. Minnie and Mickey Kissing

This could be the cutest pressed penny available at the Disney World Resort. Mickey and Minnie, featured in Hello Kitty-style animation, share a kiss with hearts floating all around them! Japanese writing is etched above them. You’ll naturally find this in the Japan pavilion.

1. The Frozen Series

Okay, technically this is an eight-way tie for first place. But with the continued popularity of the Frozen movie, it makes sense to put this series at the top of the list. Even better, you can find all eight of the pennies in this series at the same location – the Puffin’s Roost in the Norway Pavilion. All of the pennies include the words “Disney Frozen”. Penny #1 features Elsa standing in front of the ice palace. Penny #2 shows Anna and Elsa touching a snowflake. Penny #3 has Anna and Elsa facing each other and holding hands. Penny #4 shows Anna and also displays her name. Penny #5 displays a seated Anna with the castle in the background. Penny #6 shows Elsa and also displays her name. Penny #7 features Olaf running as bees buzz around him. And penny #8 gives us Kristoff and his better-than-people reindeer friend Sven.

If you enjoy collecting pressed pennies, Epcot delivers some wonderful options for your pressed penny album. Do you have the coins on this list? What was your favorite pressed penny find at Epcot?

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