Top 15 Sensational Disney World Jobs For Your Retirement

It’s not a huge secret that Florida is one of the top destinations for retirees. There’s warm weather, beaches, and tons of places to relax. Orlando is a great spot to relocate, especially if you have children and grandchildren visiting, for obvious reasons. But getting a little stir crazy and bored isn’t uncommon. Disney World is a great place to work if you’re looking for an easy-going part time job. You’d be surprised to know how many Disney cast members are actually already retired. If this is something you want to look into in your near or distant future, here are what we would consider the top 15 Disney World jobs for retirees.

15. Show/Attraction Attendant

Working in an attraction like the American Adventure at Epcot or Mickey’s Philharmagic in Magic Kingdom would definitely be a laid back kind of job.

14. Selling Tickets

Sitting in an air conditioned booth, telling guests about which ticket option would be best for them, doesn’t sound like such a bad deal. This job is ideal for any retiree who loves helping people.

13. Front Entrance Operations

Whether you are checking bags or scanning Magic Bands, if you enjoy seeing people in their most excited state, this job is for you!

12. Character Attendant

So maybe dressing up in full hair and make-up isn’t really for you anymore, following the character and possibly taking pictures, might be! People get really excited when they see their favorite character, and who wouldn’t love to be around that happiness everyday?

11. Park First-Aid Station Attendant

Each park has a first-aid station where you can treat small wounds or get Band-Aids and such. And if you’re looking for a job inside the park that doesn’t involve much walking around or busyness, this job would be perfect for you.

10. Beignet Baker

Everybody loves these delicious little treats, found inside the food court at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter. Usually there is one cast member there, baking them as they are ordered. Sounds like the ideal job for me!

9. Buffet Waiter/Waitress

The difference between being a waiter or waitress at a buffet versus a normal restaurant is that you only have to take your guests’ drink orders and clear away their plates. So no carrying around huge trays of food here!

8. Seasonal Gift Shop Employee

If a full time job isn’t in your cards, try applying for a seasonal position. Usually you’ll only work for a few months out of the year. Not bad if you want some extra money or need something to keep you busy every now and then.

7. Resort Greeter

“Welcome Home”, that’s usually the greeting you hear when walking up to your resort. This would be a wonderful job after retiring.

6. Disney Tram Driver

You know those little trams you get on when going to the Transportation and Ticket Center from the parking lot? Well, someone has to drive them! Enjoying the warm weather and taking guests to and from the most magical place on Earth, wouldn’t be a bad job to snag!

5. Resort Pool Bar Tender

Besides the typical mixing drinks and serving food, bartenders at Disney must be prepared to mingle! Guests love to chat with their bartenders. If spending time in the beautiful Florida sunshine and chatting it up with guests sounds like an ideal day at work, I’d highly consider this job!

4. Park Greeter

Welcoming guests into the park is a very important job. Sometimes one little gesture, like, “Have a magical day”, can make a guest’s whole day! It’s definitely a fun and happy job to have!

3. Magic Kingdom Conductor

The Magic Kingdom Railroad is really the heart and soul of Magic Kingdom. The conductor obviously plays a huge role in the operation of the train. It’s the perfect job for any train enthusiast!

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2. Resort Lounge Bartender

So maybe spending the day at an outdoor bar on a hot and humid Florida day doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but luckily there are a lot of indoor lounges and bars as well.

1. Friendship Boat Crew Member

When most people think retirement, they think relaxing and maybe a boat ride or two. Being able to take guests to and from their destination by boat is truly the perfect job for any retiree who loves being outdoors.

There’s no better place to retire to than Orlando, Florida, especially if you are looking for a nice, laid-back job at the most magical place on Earth! Besides, who wouldn’t want to head to Disney World for work everyday? Would you ever consider retiring to Florida and getting a job with Disney?

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  1. Ok. So how do you get any of these jobs? There has not been one of these posted on the disney career website for the 8 years I have been looking. I receive alert notices when any new job is posted. Can you post links or emails to help retirees, or even retired teachers get work at Disney world.

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