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Top 15 Rookie Mistakes at Walt Disney World

Castle Money

10) Going over budget

Any vacation is expensive, and a Disney vacation is no different-- and of course no one wants to go over their budget. I always save money throughout the year on Disney gift cards, then when I’m on vacation I use up the gift cards before I start using any of my other money.

11) Eating the same food over and over

I’m always surprised when other guests talk about how they’re tired of burgers and hot dogs after a Disney vacation. There are so many other options at quick service restaurants, that you should by no means feel limited to the safe places for picky eaters. Check out some different locations, and ensure that you won’t be eating the same thing all week!

12) Purchasing the dining plan when you don’t need it

The dining plan’s value really depends on your own eating habits. Do some research ahead of time to see if it’s worth it for you-- but be sure to do this, because if it turns out to be more food than you would eat, or the places you’re eating at aren’t a great value on the plan, it may not be the best deal.


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