Cast Members In Animal Kingdom
Cast Members In Animal Kingdom

Top 5 Embarrassingly Fun Disney World Experiences

There is nothing that cements a memory quite like an embarrassing moment. Some of us can laugh them off good-naturedly, and others of us want nothing more than to climb under a rock. The folks at Disney never want their guests to feel uncomfortably self-conscious; after all, it’s all about creating happy memories here. But there are experiences on Disney World property that may have you laughing and squirming in your seat at the same time. While some of us tend to blush deeper shades of red than others, we can all agree that these experiences are nothing to worry about—it’s all in good fun! Here is a list of our top five embarrassingly fun Disney experiences!

5. Summit Plummet—Blizzard Beach

As one of the tallest and fastest free-falling waterslides in the nation, the Summit Plummet guarantees serious thrills. For adrenaline junkies who enjoy the sensation of their stomach in their throat—this attraction is for you! For wimps like me, I’ll happily skip the 120-foot climb to the top and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground below, thankyouverymuch. But from people I know who’ve made the daring 60-mph journey from top to bottom, I must impart this warning: Summit Plummet is a one-way ticket to Wedgie Town. Yep, happens every time. Zooming this fast in this position with a curtain of water pelting you the entire time? It’s simple physics. Your suit WILL require attention immediately after you lift yourself up from the base. Whether prepared for it or not, you might just find yourself turning multiple shades of vibrant red (think Sebastian). I’m not trying to be “cheeky,” just honest! This attraction with its heart-stopping drop is no joke, but the fun it provides makes it a risk many are willing to take, wedgie and all.

4. 50s Prime Time Café

If you are blissfully unaware of what you are getting yourself into when you walk inside this intricately themed diner located inside Hollywood Studios, you might just think you are in for some rib-stickin’ comfort food and awesome ambiance. The food is great, the kitschy interior design is amusing and fun, and the service is, well, unique. For anyone that has ever been a patron here in the past you would probably give this advice to newcomers—dining amongst these snarky and witty servers requires a sense of humor. Remember, it is all about the experience here, and Disney wants you to really feel as if you are sitting in your momma’s home, circa 1950. If you pull out your cell phone to text or (GASP) make a phone call, you will almost certainly get scolded for it. Elbows on the table? You’ll get lectured. Did you finish your mashed potatoes but left your green beans? You’ll get admonished. They do a good job of keeping true to their role but don’t worry, they are simply playing their part and want you to have fun with it. True to the Disney magic, these servers only ADD to the experience. You may feel warmth flood your cheeks when they turn their attention on you, but it will almost immediately be followed by a smile or laugh.

3. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

Not everyone gets zeroed in on during this interactive attraction found inside the gates of the Magic Kingdom. There will, however, always be a few guests that have the spotlight turned on them every single show. Think comedy club, but with those lovable monster friends from the popular Pixar movies. The entire premise centers on Mike Wazowski’s attempt to have the audience aid in filling the laugh meter so electricity is generated in Monstropolis. So, naturally, he is going to try to make you, and all those around you, laugh. And yes, sometimes it is even (good-naturedly) at your expense. If you want to keep a low profile, perhaps try to blend in (funny Disney hats will almost guarantee a joke or two coming your way!) but there really is no way to know ahead of time if you’ll get “picked” on or not. Sometimes people aren’t entirely keen on playing along (like Mr. Grumpypants), but for those who squirm at the thought of being the center of attention, try not to let your fears get the best of you. This really is a hilarious show that’ll have people laughing WITH you.

2. Cast Member/Guest Interaction

There are tons of Disney cast members who just REALLY love their job, and it is evident in how they interact with guests. I have so many magical memories stemming not just from the attractions and rides themselves, but from the interaction I’ve had with and the attention I’ve received from a Disney cast member. The weekend my husband proposed to me, my entire family and I were at Disney. My parents shared the news with our server at the Trail’s End Restaurant (at Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds) who proceeded to have us stand up in front of the entire restaurant and loudly announced our engagement to everyone. He then put us on the spot in front of all the patrons, telling us we needed to practice our wedding day kiss. As someone who typically shies away from the spotlight, my face flushed a crimson red. But I loved every embarrassing second of it, and I’ll never forget kissing my now-husband to applause from a bunch of strangers. Stories like this happen all over Disney property too. Whether you are singled out by the boisterously spirited actors on the streets of Hollywood Studios or you find yourself the recipient of good-hearted jokes from the Jungle Cruise guide, there are times when embarrassing attention is the name of the game. It’s all a part of the Disney experience, feeling singled out and special, even if it causes little flutters in your stomach from all the attention. And trust me, if you seek out this kind of attention, don’t forget to wear your complementary Disney Celebration button during special occasions—you’re practically inviting it!

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1. The Whispering Canyon Café

One word, KETCHUP! Go ahead and innocently ask for some to go with your fries the next time you are dining at this restaurant located inside The Wilderness Lodge. What comes next will have all the patrons AND the lobby guests turning their eyes on you! I won’t give the spoilers up, as that would take the element of surprise away. Again, there is nothing to truly fear here. But I’ll just say this—make sure if you ask for it, that you REALLY want it.

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