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Top 5 Hidden Gems At Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is one of the most beloved parks at Walt Disney World. It’s tributes to films and stars is unlike any other park. While there are rides, attractions, and shows that are popular and experienced frequently, there are also some hidden gems you may not know about! Here are five hidden gems at Hollywood Studios that you will definitely want to enjoy on your next trip!

5. Singing In The Rain Umbrella

Gene Kelly’s role in Singing in the Rain will remain a classic for centuries. His famous walk along the rainy street under that prominent black umbrella will always be a legacy in film history. If you look carefully in the Streets of America, you will see Gene Kelly’s famous umbrella on a lamppost (also recreated from the film) for a great picture opportunity. There is a special hose above the umbrella that makes rain fall, so if you’re lucky, pull the string and it will rain when you are under there for the perfect recreation of the film!

4. Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop

Calling all Once Upon a Time fans! Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop storefront is hidden towards the back of the Streets of America, and I have to say, if you love the show, you will love the display! While it isn’t an actual attraction or store, the window of the ‘pawnshop’ displays so many prominent items that were shown on the show (for example, the chipped teacup, Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger, and even the blue sorcerer hat) that are sure to put a smile on your face!

3. Citizens of Hollywood Performers

This may not be so hidden, but there are hundreds and thousands of guests that pass the amazing Citizens of Hollywood Performers due to their tight schedules with rides and attractions. It wasn’t until last year when I took the time to watch these performers in action that I realized that they truly are an incredibly talented cast of entertainers that make guests laugh hysterically with their over the top shows along Hollywood Boulevard. You will get to relive the golden era of film with their roles as vintage stars of Hollywood. The best part is that most of their shows are very different because they incorporate the audience in most of them. These shows happen at random times throughout the day and different characters will appear for each one. They take place right in the middle f the ‘streets’ of Hollywood Boulevard.

2. Character Palooza

Ever wonder where some of the rare characters went? They haven’t totally disappeared! One of the best-kept secrets at Hollywood Studios is the unofficial and unannounced character meet and greet known as Character Palooza. This 20-30 minute interaction between characters and guests is a great way to meet some of the more rare characters that aren’t out and about usually. This typically happens 4 hours before Fantasmic! begins since the determination of which characters appear for this depends on the Fantasmic! schedule. There is no way of knowing exactly which characters or at which time they will be out for meet and greets, however, Character Palooza has recently been taking place at the entrance of the park, so be sure to check in the afternoon for their arrival. It is also common for cast members to brush off questions about this meet and greet to keep crowds at a minimum.

1. One Man’s Dream

This is also one of those ‘not-so-hidden’ attractions, but many often bypass it. One Man’s Dream tells the biography of Walt Disney’s life in a beautiful multi-media gallery of photos, models, and artifacts. There are some really amazing aspects portrayed in here and how the story of his dreams came to life. There is also a great film tribute that every Disney fan should watch. This may not be the most thrilling attraction, but it is sure to warm your heart.

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