Top 5 Things REAL Disney Fans Should Wear Into The Parks

The Disney Parks are a setting that encourages the free-spirited, fun and carefree child within you to blossom to the surface. On an average day, you might not paint a Mickey Mouse head on your face or wear a green Goofy hat with dangling ears to the grocery store, but on Disney park day you can and should do just that! Proudly letting your inner Disney fanatic flag fly is encouraged and celebrated on Disney property and there are so many options to let your creativity shine, Disney-style! Here are the top 5 things REAL Disney fans should wear inside the Disney Parks!

5. Mickey Ears or Wacky Disney Hats

If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! Mickey Ears, headbands and Disney hats are a great way to display your Disney “fanhood.” There are—no kidding— hundreds of options and varieties available for the true Disney fan…everywhere from Kermit Mickey Ear hats to enormous Mad Hatter hats to fuzzy blue Stitch hats. Wear a villain hat or your favorite Pixar protagonist hat! Have everyone in your family choose their favorite and strut your stuff in the Parks as you proudly wear them, ride after ride, photo after photo!

4. MagicBands

Haven’t you heard, MagicBands are the new black! There are countless ways to personalize your MagicBand before your Disney park day, and many a diehard Disney fan will enthusiastically go to great lengths to customize it and show their Disney love. Color options are offered under your My Disney Experience page, and once you receive your MagicBand in the mail you can really “Disney-fy” it! Fanatics have been known to use temporary tattoos, nail polish and store-bought Disney accessories to create their own one-of-a-kind MagicBand. Limited edition MagicBands are also available, allowing yours to REALLY stand out from the crowd.

3. Personal “Disney Side”

Pixie Dust in your hair, a Disney character painted on every fingernail, Minnie earrings dangling from your ears. Mickey flip-flops on your feet, a Disney trading-pin-filled lanyard hanging from your neck, a Disney backpack or handbag in tow. These are just some of the many ways you can let your own personal “Disney Side” shine bright. Whether you clip a giant polka-dotted Minnie Mouse bow in your hair, glove your fingers with those famous giant Mickey hands, or style your daughter’s locks into the shape of Minnie Ears on the top of her head, you have a plethora of ways to display some serious Disney fanaticism. How have you shown your own personal Disney Side at the Parks? Tell us (or show us!) in the comments below!

2. Disney Shirt/Attire

Hardcore Disney fan or not, most people own at least one Disney-related piece of clothing. There are the classic Mickey Mouse shirts that come in every color and there are the vintage limited-edition Disney tees that proudly display a favorite ride or attraction. Maybe you had a personalized Mickey or Minnie embossed shirt created for your Disney vacation or even designed and created a shirt yourself. There is no better time to wear your special Disney apparel than at a Disney Park, just don’t make the mistake of arriving in head-to-toe full character costume (unless you are, of course, a small child or you are at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party). There is a new(ish) trend circulating right now, popping up on your social media feeds and gracing magazines called Disney Bounding. These are everyday outfits inspired by Disney characters that people artistically pull together. Don’t confuse these cleverly coordinated ensembles with costumes that you would buy at a Halloween store or party store. These are accessories, pieces of jewelry, inspired color palettes and articles of clothing that you can pull out of your own wardrobe or buy at a retail store. Spotlight your favorite character, rock that outfit at the Disney Parks, and other Disney fanatics like you will know exactly who you are imitating. And there are only a million or so characters you could emulate, so have fun with it (just don’t—I repeat, DON’T—go in costume!). Google “Disney Bounding” and get inspired, the possibilities are endless!

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1. Brightest “I’m at Disney!” Smile

This, we all know, is one of the most important things to wear inside the Disney Parks! After all, you’ve planned for this day for a long time and counted down the calendar days with eagerness! Most of us realize that not everyone who is at Disney is a diehard fan like us, and some park goers are even easily agitated and grumpy. Don’t let anything or anyone wipe that wide Disney smile off your face and steal your joy! Wear it proudly, and let people see that Disney twinkle in your eye…it will certainly be contagious!

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