Top 5 World Showcase Shops at Epcot

The EPCOT World Showcase is the most “adult themed” area in all of Walt Disney World. Guests have the opportunity to “visit” eleven different nations from every corner of the map and indulge in an international smorgasbord of history and national pride. Each nation also offers guests the option of bringing home a piece of culture with uniquely designed shops that never deviate from theme and tradition. Some countries also have character meet and greets from time to time to enhance the guest experience. What tops being able to buy a Rolling Stones t-shirt in London while rubbing elbows with Mary Poppins? We’ll take a look at the shops that stand out and are a must see when making the mile and a half trip around the world showcase.

5) The Puffins Roost (Norway): As of February 2015, Norway is undergoing some major renovations building the Frozen themed attraction and area. The Puffins Roost however offers a plethora of troll dolls and some high quality Norwegian clothes from the likes of Helly Hansen. The Roost also has jewelry, cologne and perfume, and books on the history of Norway. In addition, the shop has a massive wooden troll that guests can take a photo with. It goes without saying, there is a huge amount of Frozen memorabilia guests can buy as well.

4) Plaza de Los Amigos (Mexico): If you are starting on the left hand side of your journey, you can’t help but notice the massive pyramid beside you. The Plaza de Los Amigos has a flea market type feel. Guests have the opportunity to buy souvenirs and other historical Mexican items. With pieces ranging from sombreros (which you can most definitely take a photo in) to some of the spiciest hot sauces I’ve ever tasted, you can’t go wrong with stopping in here to poke around. With the volcano as the focal point in the background and maracas being shaken by the workers, it truly has the feel of Mexico. It also doesn’t hurt there is a tequila/margarita bar on the right hand side as well.

3) Le Maison du Vin (France): Nothing says France like fine wines and the Eifel Tower. Park guests can sample some of the finest of French wines before buying in this cute boutique. It also contains well renowned French candies, cookies, and everyone’s favorite…. Chocolates. Le Maison du Vin also offers cooking gear and anything else you made need in the kitchen. The legend of Julia Child lives on in the World Showcase. Bon Appetit!

2) Il Bel Cristallo (Italy): If someone is talking about shopping anywhere, let alone in Europe, you can’t forget about Italy. Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world and that transcended into Italy at the World Showcase. Italy gives guests not only the best food in EPCOT, but also some unique shopping options. With fragrances, handmade jewelry, and luxury handmade items including handbags, it could lead to some serious damage on the wallet. Each cast member greets guests with a friendly “Ciao” and are knowledgeable in each product they are selling. Il Bel Cristallo is a must for any shopping enthusiast.

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1) Mikimoto Store (Japan): By far the biggest store in the World Showcase, Mikimoto brings the most excitement as well. Mikimoto is nicknamed “the mall” of the World Showcase, as it has such a wide variety of items. Guests can also buy clothing, bonsai trees, anime trading cards, and of course anything Hello Kitty related. Guests can purchase their own pearl and watch it get opened right in front of your eyes, with enthusiastic geisha girls doing the job. Feel free to try on any of the kimonos, and the geisha girls will provide a history lesson as well. You may even hear a drum procession going on in the background as you browse through the thousands of items. Though there are no sake bombs taking place, you can enjoy a nice Sapporo right before you walk in.

Shopping isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Walt Disney World. We think of rides, Mickey Mouse, and theme park attractions that have become second nature in American culture. The World Showcase gives guests options that you won’t find in the mall in your hometown. Items and stores are filled with culture, history, and traditions, saving you the trouble of jumping on multiple planes to experience them. Think it’s impossible to purchase a kimono in Tokyo and a new bottle of cologne in Milan in the same day? Think again! Disney gives you the power to do that and then some within a few short hours.

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