Top 8 Things You’ll Love About Magic Kingdom Area Resorts

Contemporary Monorail
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The most classic park at the Walt Disney World Resort is the Magic Kingdom, of course! This iconic theme park has created memories and spread magic to guests for the last forty-four years and will continue to do so for years to come. With all of the magic incorporated in the theme pars, it’s no wonder that guests want to keep the magic going when they head to their resort nearby. Here are the top eight thing’s you’ll love about staying at any of the Magic Kingdom Area Resorts.

8. Monorail Transportation

Every Disney World Resort offers complimentary bus transportation or boat rides (if applicable) to select parks, but the Magic Kingdom Resorts (with the exception of the Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campgrounds) offers a quick and enjoyable ride on the monorail. The monorail is a great way to travel not only to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, but to visit some of the other resorts around the Magic Kingdom as well (since it makes a few stops at each one). This is also a great way to travel to dine at the nearby resorts. The views are also quite spectacular and you’ll enjoy the ride!

7. Boating Transportation

In addition to the monorail and busses, each of the Magic Kingdom Resorts offer complimentary ferry and boat transportation to the parks. The boats arrive every 15-20 minutes and are a relaxing way to head over to the Magic Kingdom. The views from Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon on which these boats and ferries travel are absolutely beautiful, especially in the evening. You may even catch the firework show right from the boat!

6. Deluxe Décor

It is no surprise that all of the Disney World resorts are created with the finest attention to detail, but the deluxe resorts are truly a masterpiece. Each of the Magic Kingdom Resort hotels are considered Deluxe Resorts due to their exquisite and high-end décor and feel. When you are in these resorts, you are really taken to another world with the theming of the resort. For instance, the Wilderness Lodge is elegantly decorated and stands so tall that you actually feel like you are in the woods of a far off place. The Grand Floridian Resort offers the finest Victorian elegance with a hint of Disney flare and the Polynesian makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise (just to name a few). These resorts also offer top-notch service! The ambiance and atmosphere of these hotels are incredibly classy and you will feel a sense of bliss when staying here.

5. Recreational Activities

There are recreational activities offered at each of the Walt Disney Resort Hotels, but the Magic Kingdom Resorts offer more recreational activities than any other combined. Since the Magic Kingdom Resorts are only a monorail or bus ride away, it’s very easy to enjoy many of the outdoor activities around the corner form your resort. Depending on the resort you are staying at or visiting, enjoy boating, bike rides, fishing, sports, playgrounds, pools, archery, sleigh rides, carriage rides, golf, horse drawn wagon rides, tubing, running trails, watercraft rentals, water skiing, wake boarding, and much, much more! If you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll love doing them at the Magic Kingdom resorts!

4. Dining Options

Along with deluxe décor and theming, comes deluxe dining options, and these resorts offer nothing short of that. Enjoy various restaurants in each of the Magic Kingdom Resort Hotels with award winning dishes, character dining, dinner shows, romantic dining, and even dining with a hottin’ tootin’ good time. There are many sit down restaurants that are among the favorite and go-to restaurants of Disney guests, such as Ohana (at the Polynesian Resort), Narcoossee’s (at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa), Artist Point (at the Wilderness Lodge), California Grill (at the Contemporary Resort) and much, much more. You can’t go wrong with all of the dining options to choose from at these amazing resorts.

3. Electric Water Pageant

Every evening, families and friends gather around the beach area of the Magic Kingdom resorts for an entertaining parade right on the Seven Seas Lagoon. This electrical parade is completely filled with lights and travels from each of the deluxe Magic Kingdom resorts by boat! There is live music that correlates with each scene in the parade as well. You will only be able to see this parade by staying or visiting the deluxe Magic Kingdom Resorts! Ask the front desk at your resort for the time of the electric water pageant. Times will vary from resort to resort since the water pageant travels to each one.

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2. Movies Under the Stars

Every single Disney World resort offers movies under the stars each and every night. Your favorite Disney films are played nightly on a larger than life blow-up screen by the pool or beach area (if applicable). We’re so used to watching movies indoors, so this is a nice treat because the atmosphere is beautiful! It’s also a great way to enjoy a snack and relax in the evening after a long day at the parks. Watching these movies at a Magic Kingdom resort is different fro
m every other resort on property because the movies are often played on the beach! All of the other resorts don’t have beaches, so having this as an added extra is nice because the views are absolutely gorgeous!

1. Campfires

All of the resorts on Disney World property offer complimentary campfires in the early evening hours. It is so much fun to roast marshmallows and make s’mores with other guests! My all time favorite campfire location has to be at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds, one of the popular Magic Kingdom Resort hotels. Here, Chip and Dale will come join the fun with a sing-along that is sure to have you clapping and dancing the entire time! Chip and Dale also come around and take pictures after they perform with everyone, which is an extra special treat! This character campfire and sing-along is only offered here. All marshmallows are provided in the resorts, however, if you would like to make s’mores, you can purchase the s’more kits at the snack stand. If you’re nearby, it will definitely make your trip worthwhile!

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