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Here’s A Rare Chance to Tour Walt Disney’s Home with an Imagineer

Tour Walt Disney's house with an Imagineer
Credit: Woking Way and Disney

Every Disney fan wants the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Walt Disney. Every time we walk down Main Street, U.S.A., we believe that Walt is there with us, giving us a guided tour. It’s part of the magic of Disney: no matter where you go, Disney fans like to believe that Walt Disney is there with them.

But now, some lucky Disney fans will get to tour Walt Disney’s home with a select Guest tour guide. It is a rare opportunity that Walt’s former home on Woking Way in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles is open to the public, but now you can have a chance to see it all.

Tour Walt Disney's home with an Imagineer

Credit: Disney

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Walt’s home will be open on Saturday, April 29, as a fundraiser for the Garner Holt Foundation. Tickets cost between $100-$200 for the tour, which will be guided by one of four select tour guides. The Garner Holt Foundation helps underprivileged youths get inspired for “hands-on, career-focused learning experiences in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.”

The Tour Guides

When you reserve your tickets, you pick one of four tour guides, and they are:

Garner Holt: The foundation’s namesake will lead some tours through Walt Disney’s home. Holt is an icon in the art of animatronics. He helped develop some of Disneyland’s most iconic animatronics, including the Dragon in Disneyland’s Fantasmic! In 2016, he received the Disneyana Fan Club’s Disney Legend Award.

Tania Norris: Norris is a legend of Walt Disney Imagineering. She worked with Walt Disney on Disneyland and Walt Disney World. She is responsible for the part of the icon look of New Orleans Square in Disneyland and created the purple wallpaper at the Haunted Mansion.

Chris Crump: Chris is the son of the legend of Disney Imagineering, Rolly Crump. Chris worked on some iconic rides at Disney’s California Adventure and Tokyo Disneyland. Rolly worked on attractions such as, “It’s a small world,” Haunted Mansion, and the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Tour Walt Disney's home with an Imagineer

Rolly and Chris Crump. Credit: Disney

House Historian Dusty Sage: Dusty helped save and restore Walt Disney’s birthplace in Chicago and is now the house historian and curator for Walt’s Lose Feliz home.

The House

Walt Disney had the house built in 1932 after the success of his Mickey Mouse cartoons. It took only two months for Walt’s crew to build the 6,400-square-foot home. It wasn’t hard to find laborers, as Walt was building it during the height of the Depression. The home looks exactly like a storybook cottage from one of Walt’s movies.

The home was located near Griffith Park. Walt frequently took his daughters to the Park and lamented that there weren’t enough activities for families in the area. It was this thought that ultimately inspired Disneyland.

Tour Walt Disney's home with an Imagineer


Some of Walt Disney’s most iconic movies came out while the Disney family lived in the Los Feliz house and were shown in the family’s projection room.

After more than a decade at the home, Walt had another home built on Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, but that house has since been demolished, making the Los Feliz home the only Disney home fans can tour.

Disney’s Los Feliz home has been restored to its original 1930s state, so on your tour, the house will look precisely as Walt Disney and his family left it.

For all Walt Disney fans in the area, this is a rare opportunity to tour Walt’s former home and walk in his footsteps. Disney’s Los Feliz home is a private residence and is not normally open to the public. This is a rare piece of Disney History and an opportunity to interact with legends of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Tickets can be purchased at the Garner Holt Foundation website.

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