This Disney/Pixar Parody Has Been Viewed 6 Million Times

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Disney movies are often considered classics, but many people have also acknowledged that some of the films’ characters or plotlines deserve some mockery. Disney itself has also taken some of its more well-known stories and released retellings of them, such as in the “Twisted Tale” book series and the new “Queen’s Council” series. However, there’s one satirical retelling of Aladdin that has been consistently amusing its viewers ever since its premiere back in 2013! ‘Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier’ tells the story of Aladdin and Jasmine from Jafar’s perspective, and suggests that the original version was inaccurate via some comical plot twists.

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

There are lots of references to the merging of Disney and Pixar, which were previously separate “kingdoms”, as well as some references to Disney’s style of music and direct parodies of certain songs. There’s also a song, called “Twisted”, in which several recognizable Disney villains tell their sides of the story. However, be warned: there is some inappropriate language and content in this musical, so it’s best for adults only! This parody musical was created and performed by the same performers who made the popular “Very Potter Musical”, a parody of Harry Potter.

Since the performers in “Twisted” are professionals, the singing and acting are really very good, and many people have responded to the musical favorably without taking offense at its jokes. Fans were particularly fond of the role that Princess Jasmine‘s rejected suitor played! If you’re an avid Disney fan, there’s probably several clever little jokes that you’ll catch, including some direct references to the old 2-D style of animation that preceded movies like Tangled or Brave! Had you heard of this parody musical before now or seen it on Youtube, and have you read any of the retellings that Disney has released?

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