Video: Angry, Honest Fans Derail Disney Promo Video

D23 Expo frustration

While the 2022 D23 Expo was filled with some magical and exciting moments, it was also marked by frustration and disappointment.

Along with announcements that were widely viewed as lackluster and underwhelming after the three-year hiatus–with announcements of the most hoped-for stories completely left out–, D23 attendants also faced frustration with simply getting into the event. And it appears that some fans let Disney know about their dissatisfaction.

bob chapek d23 opening

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@itsdwats found himself in one of the massive queues to get into the Anaheim Convention Center when he noticed representatives from Disney going through the line attempting to get some positive comments for a promotional video.

Sharing the scene to TikTok, he explained,

“A camera crew wanted us to yell ‘we love D23’ but it had been an hour since opening and they didn’t let us in. I know it wasn’t their fault but some people were very vocal and cussed.”


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While we at Disney Fanatic do not condone foul language in a family-friendly setting, this writer can personally report there was immense dysfunction regarding the movement of people into the Expo. Attendees were stuck in slow-moving lines, confused if they were in the right place due to the little to no communication provided by the staff. There was no effort made to expedite the admittance of D23 attendees who had StagePass Reservations to the popular panels, and that combination of utter failure to effectively move people and properly communicate resulted in Panels starting before even half of the attendants was able to get seated.

Line for D23

Credit: TK Bosacki/Disney Fanatic

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Staff posted throughout the Expo’s main show floor also carried a generally high level of cluelessness regarding the event’s setup, leaving Guests to navigate the area on their own.

Again, we do not condone the use of foul language in this manner, but we do hope that the 2024 D23 gets its much-needed organizational upgrade.

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