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Bob Chapek is not popular with Disney fans, and they made it known at the D23 Expo when they booed the Disney CEO.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been under fire for a while now. From the beginning of his tenure, since he replaced the popular Bob Iger, the CEO has not been well received by fans, and has been at the helm of multiple decisions that fans believe have made Disney worse rather than better.

Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek/Disney

Fans often make their voices heard when it comes to their opinion of Bob Chapek, and the D23 Expo was a perfect opportunity.

Moments after an incredible opening number by performers from Disney on Broadway, the infamous Disney CEO was introduced and Disney fans in the audience almost immediately booed Mr. Chapek.

Check out the video yourself:


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The Disney CEO has overseen many controversial changes that have upset many fans in recent years. He’s most often associated with the rising prices of the Disney Parks, the Disney Genie suite, and is often held responsible for Disney’s decline.

Under Chapek’s tenure, the instances of unhappy Guests at Disney Parks and less than savoury reports about the Guest experience at the Parks have seen more coverage. However, at the same time, Disney’s own prices have consistently gone up under the pretext of bettering the Guest experience.


Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and former CEO Bob Chapek / Disney

We at Disney Fanatic recently covered a story where one Disney fan took to Reddit to share their experience at Walt Disney World, saying,

“Currently at the beginning of a ten day trip at WDW and feel like some of the pixie dust is missing. Disney is lacking maintenance on many rides including Splash, Big Thunder and even the carousel. I know it might seem minor but chipped paint and even the grass areas at EPCOT which are normally perfect is brown or simply missing in spots, I’ve never seen it like this in our 18 years coming here.”

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Only time will tell whether the direction Disney has taken under Bob Chapek’s leadership will help or hurt The Walt Disney Company and its future.

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