Disney Fans Aren’t Sure About “Uncle Walt” Hologram

Walt Disney Hologram

The Walt Disney Company just unveiled a talking hologram of its founder, Walter Elias Disney, with the excited expectation that Disney fans the world over would be overjoyed to see “Uncle Walt” again.

Created using archival footage and artificial intelligence tools, the return of Walt Disney was meant to spark the sentimental side of all Disney Park and Disney Movie fans. But when the Walt Disney hologram projection was unveiled as part of the touring Disney100 exhibition, the reception was not unanimously positive.

For those who haven’t seen the video of Walt greeting everybody, here it is:

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While this may be a full-circle technological achievement for Walt Disney Imagineering, the fans found it rather unsettling.

One fan said, “This looks off, please fix it. He looks too happy and is moving his hands way too much,” and that sentiment of was echoed by many others who found it weird and uncomfortable.

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But both sides of the debate were present in the comments, as another fan said, “I can see the fun potential in this, sure. But this has also been used on recently-dead actors and the like, and I am NOT fond of the idea of the entertainment industry not allowing people to grow old and die because it may upset the nerdlings. I dunno – it’s a bit icky to me.”

And others outright supported the invention, like this fan who said, “THIS is the future of movies and entertainment. And I think that’s a good thing.”

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The Disney100 Exhibition is an interactive traveling showcase that brings 100 years of Disney Magic to Philadelphia, Munich, and London. It is currently available for viewing at the Franklin Institute in the City of Brotherly Love.

Disney100 is described on its website, in part, as the following:

Disney100: The Exhibition invites guests to step into their favorite stories using innovation and immersive technology throughout ten galleries in the 15,000-square-foot exhibit. The Walt Disney Archives opens its vault of treasures, showcasing hundreds of extraordinary objects, including Disney’s “Crown Jewels” – more than 250 rarely-seen original artworks and artifacts, costumes and props, and other memorabilia.

Disney100 The Exhibition

Credit: Disney

Click here to learn more and purchase your tickets.

It is unclear at this time if the exhibition operators will heed the fans’ unsolicited feedback and do any “plussing” on this experimental attraction.

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