Amid Disney Layoffs and Rumors of Mickey Mouse Being Replaced, Many Question the Safety of Disney

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Much has been said about the Disney layoffs that were recently announced. In response to the challenging position that the Walt Disney Company currently finds itself in, fans have questioned whether the top-level C-suite executives would also sacrifice as much as hourly workers. However, in the midst of this, one article has asked a question that, while on the surface is humorous, could hide a darker truth in its depths.

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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A writer for the Washington Post wrote an ironic take on what the conversation between Mickey Mouse and Disney’s HR would look like if the famous and beloved mouse were ever to be fired. The article’s thesis was simply that difficult conversations were en route to the House of Mouse, if not already happening across the board in light of the layoffs that we now know Disney will be undertaking. Whether it’s the Walt Disney Company proper or it’s properties like the Disney Parks and ESPN, the layoffs announced during the February 8 earnings call will affect employees across the board.

Bob Iger CEO Return Statement

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse/Courtesy of Disney

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While it’s likely purely coincidental that around this time, the rumor that Mickey Mouse will soon be replaced by the unofficial EPCOT mascot, Figment, has been going around, the deeper question of whether this fan-favorite mouse is safe is also a symbolic one.

Is the Walt Disney Company doing okay? 

When last year’s numbers were revealed, it came to light that the company lost over $120 billion. Before we found that out, the former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was fired, and his predecessor Bob Iger returned to the scene to take over operations for the company. Since then, we have seen much reorganization of the company, and we will be seeing more.

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For a company that should solely be celebrating its centennial this year, it’s certainly a bittersweet time for Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Company, as they appear to be desperately trying to make sure they can see the next 100 as well.

You can read the conversation published in The Washington Post here!

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