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Fans Share More Evidence of Disney World Getting Back on Track

clean space mountain

Recently, Disney fans and Guests have been inundated with news about the magic being gone at Disney and the Disney experience at the Disney Parks being of a far lower quality than has been noted previously. After former Disney CEO Bob Chapek took over back in 2020, and on noting a lot of the decisions he made during his tenure, fans were incredibly unhappy to see the direction that the Walt Disney Company was going in. Then, in November of 2022, when Chapek was ousted, and his predecessor and the much more popular Bob Iger returned to take the mantle, fans were hopeful that things would start to look up again; one might even begin to see it in the smallest of ways, like a clean Space Mountain.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

“Partners Statue” in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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And, while this latest news may not seem like much, progress is always in the small details! For a few months now, many fans have been complaining again and again about how dirty the Disney Parks have been, and in particular, the Walt Disney World Resort. But it appears things are on the mend.

One Disney fan shared a video while in line for the upcoming TRON Lightcycle/Run roller coaster—as Disney Fanatics would know, select Guests have the chance to preview it—they shared that Disney was “finally” power-washing the attraction, Space Mountain:

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One fan in the comments was quick to point out that these big buildings on the property were power-washed once a year, and that’s certain that cleaning the exterior of the attractions and rides like Space Mountain is a part of the standard process for keeping up the Parks and maintaining them well. However, given the recent comments of dissatisfaction, it was good timing, if for nothing else, that Disney attended to the issue now.

space mountain magic kingdom

Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Ultimately, we’re glad to see these beloved attractions and rides in the Parks are getting their due and are being looked after.

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