Influencer Actually Shares an Important, Overlooked Tip for Disney Park

Disney Influencers
Credit: @beastlyappetite (left); Disney (right)

It seems that influencersโ€™ reputations in Disney Parks are only getting worse, especially as many go to measures that disrupt their fellow Guests, harass Cast Members and break key rules that often result in them getting removed from the Parks.

But apparently, at least one Disney content creator on Instagram still knows what people need to know when they are planning their next Disney vacation, and can share it in an appropriate way.

poop disneyland

Credit: Disney

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Disney fan and content creator @beastlyappetite is currently counting down the โ€œTop 10 Places to Poop at Disneyland.โ€ Starting at number 10, heโ€™s spent the past month listing off the best unloading zones at The Happiest Place On Earth, beginning with #10.

At the time of this articleโ€™s publication, the list is only down to #5. So far, the list includes the restrooms near the Park entrance and Disneyland Resort Hotels. Several other frequent visitors to Disneyland have commented on the videos, many of whom have confirmed his top picks.

It should be noted, though, that this list is specific to the male perspective, which no doubt makes his list a much-needed resource for the Disney Dads of the world. But there is not much that can be said for the Disney moms and princesses here, except for any fellow Disney women in the comments.

The growing stereotype of Disney Parks influencers has gotten progressively worse even when no rules appear to be broken, as other Guests complain about being filmed without permission, views of shows are squandered by smartphones, and determination to capture ride POV videos by simply hand-holding an iPhone sparked safety concerns. But, while fans are demanding that influencers be banned from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, there are still troves of insider information that they can provide to their followers that may not be general public knowledge. And this non-invasive “Top 10” list proves just that.

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