We've Ranked All 30 Attractions At Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Ask a hundred Magic Kingdom guests to rank their favorite attractions in the park, and you’re bound to get a hundred totally different lists. It’s not surprising.  Given the depth of feeling that Disney guests have for their favorite attractions, any list that ranks them is sure to be controversial.  With the imminent (hopefully) closing of Stitch’s Great Escape, the longtime “attraction that wouldn’t die” and virtually unanimous choice for last place, the field is wide open.  Therefore, here for your general derision and outright anger, we boldly present to you a list of the attractions at Magic Kingdom, from worst to best. 

30. Swiss Family Treehouse

We’ve definitely enjoyed watching the 1960 live-action Disney film Swiss Family Robinson with the whole family.  However, let’s face it – climbing 116 steps for the privilege of seeing a recreation of the Robinson family’s treehouse from a movie that’s well over 50 years old isn’t the most exciting thing to do.  Sure, the view at the top is fantastic, but adding that much climbing to a day of walking around Magic Kingdom is low on a lot of people’s lists.

Astro Orbiter

29. Astro Orbiter

While its elevated height makes this ride a little more interesting than the exact same ride you’ll find at any carnival or state fair, the Astro Orbiter is still just a normal spin ride with low capacity that frequently creates long wait times.  Still, it rates doing at least once in your life but find a time when the line is short.

Photo credit Disney

28. Liberty Square Riverboat

There’s a reason that the most likely guests you’ll find riding the Liberty Square Riverboat are elderly guests who don’t want to ride anything else and parents with sleeping babies.  That’s because it’s a charming but low-key ride that’s perfect for elderly guests who don’t want to ride anything else and parents with sleeping babies.  However, budding engineers may enjoy checking out the engines and paddle wheel mechanisms.

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