Kristen Bell Canceled Over a Dinner Party: “It’s None of Anyone’s Business.”

kristen bell canceled dinner party
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It’s not a fun month to be Kristen Bell; the Disney star and Disney Legend was kicked out of the airport after a 9-hour delay and then was canceled on the internet for throwing a dinner party.

The term “woke” has been thrown around endlessly when it comes to the Walt Disney Company. Many times, Disney stars and movies have been accused of pandering to “woke” audiences for more diversity and inclusion in the movies—think Halle Bailey in The Little Mermaid or Yara Shahidi in Peter Pan and Wendy—however, recently one Disney star was canceled for a seemingly absurd reason. And it wasn’t all that went wrong for her lately.

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(L-R): Halle Bailey, Princess Ariel, Tinker Bell, Yara Shahidi / All Images Credit: Disney

Kristen Bell Gets Kicked Out of an Airport and Canceled in the Same Week

The Good Place star Kristen Bell recently made headlines for being stranded at Boston Logan Airport during nine hours of delays. The actress documented the experience on Instagram, sharing adorable stories of her children and husband, Dax Shepard finding ways to pass the time from playing “Uno” to watching videos. She shared that there were no hotels available within 50 miles of the airport.

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell / Credit: Kristin Dos Santos, Flickr

However, the experience became more stressful when the airport reportedly “kicked them out,” and the family had to find a place to stay last minute. It appeared all ended well for the family of four when some friends found space in their attic.

However, that wasn’t the end of the Frozen star’s troubles this month.

kristen bell airport delay instagram stories

Kristen Bell documented the delays she experienced at Boston Logan Airport on Instagram / Credit: Kristen Bell, Instagram

Kristen Bell Gets “Canceled” Over a Dinner Party

Earlier in July, Kristen Bell shared a series of photos of a trip to Idaho on Instagram. Included in these photos was a star-studded dinner party, including Friends stars Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, along with John Mulaney, Adam Scott, Jimmy Fallon, Olivia Munn, and Jason Bateman, among others.

However, some fans pointed out one glaring issue with the party.

One Twitter user shared,

All the white people, you mean? I do not understand what I am supposed to be reacting to here. There are no Black or Brown people. That’s my takeaway.

Another Twitter user agreed, “Where are all the purple people Kristen Bell says the world needs more of?”

Fans Defend Kristen Bell

However, while some criticized Bell for the “overwhelmingly white” dinner party, others also defended the actress and pushed back against the critique calling it “woke culture gone wrong.”

A TikTok creator commented,

This is the problem with woke culture when it’s not done right. People are calling them out because there’s no diversity in the photo. As far as I know, it’s a friends gathering. As a woman of color, as a Latina, sometimes I have a big hangout with all of my Latina girlfriends, or all my Latino friends, or my family. Nobody is calling people out for just hanging out with their group of people. That’s okay. If you start calling out people for doing nothiing wrong, it takes away from people that are actually trying to do good work in the space of DEI. 


#greenscreen calling people out for no reason has negative consequences for those actually fighting for REAL issues #dei #diveristyandinclusion

♬ original sound – Couple of Immigrants | inNYC?

The comments were mixed, with some sharing the OP’s views: “Yeah I’m annoyed by this, a lot of cultures and nationalities hang out in groups together.”

Another agreed, “I have one culture of friends but who cares what they are! I work with all cultures! Why the hell does it matter it’s none of anyone’s business.”

Elsa Anna Olaf and Kristoff in Frozen 2

Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Kristoff (Jonathon Groff) in Frozen 2 / Credit: Disney

However, others brought up the writer’s strike and what was going on with the industry, sharing, “I saw on another video that it has something to do with the writers strike, how writers are struggling to get properly paid while…”

Another chimed in, “I don’t think she did this on purpose but I would like for her to acknowledge that she has surrounded herself w/ people that share her background.”

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