Woman Mad Sister-in-Law Doesn’t Include Her in a Disney World Trip for the Kids

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Taking kids to Disney World can be a magical experience in itself, and a trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth can be a life-changing experience for any kid. But, it appears that one woman’s attempt to give her niece and nephew a piece of the magic backfired.

Reddit user u/teerowaway07 turned to the subreddit Am I The A**hole (AITA) to see if she really was the bad guy in offering to take her niece and nephew to Walt Disney World but leaving their mother, her sister-in-law (SIL), behind.

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She explained,

“my brother and his wife had kids young and have always been broke. It’s been a hard year from them and my SIL was talking about how badly they needed a break. My husband, E, and I had planned a trip for Disney World over fall break so I talked it over with my husmabd and offered to take their two kids with us as well.

My SIL got excited and said she would text my brother to get the time off work ASAP- I was confused and clarified I just meant take the kids with us so they had a bit of a break. SIL ended up getting mad and asking ‘What about us? You’re just gonna leave us at home to do nothing while you guys have fun? I’ve never even been to disney world!'” 

She ended by reporting that her SIL won’t let her and her husband take the kids if they (the brother and SIL) can’t go as well.

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She and her husband are “childfree” but have continued to put their family and their siblings’ kids first, saying, “I make special trips for birthdays, help their parents with cleaning, yard work, and cooking as much as I can- my philosophy is it takes a village, and I can be a part of that village.”

Many people rushed to say she was not the bad guy in the situation and that her SIL and husband should appreciate the chance to be alone, knowing their kids are off on a magical Disney vacation with loving family members.

What do you think?

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