Disney Fans Can’t Get Over This Woman’s INSANE Park Routine

Woman's Insane Park Routine
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Most people who have visited Walt Disney World Resort will tell you that it is not your typical vacation. Sure, some people enjoy relaxing on their trip, but most people get up early, go to bed late, and walk miles every day. Between the hotel, the Park tickets, dining, and merchandise, a Disney vacation is not a cheap one, so most people like to get the most out of each and every day. Planning out your day has also become key to making sure your party is able to do as much as they can during their time at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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Every group has a planning schedule that works best for them and, for a lot of families with young children, getting up early works best. However, one woman’s morning routine has social media users in shock. TikToker Brooke Raybould (@brookeraybould) shared how her family of five does Early Entry at Magic Kingdom Park. Her morning is so intense that it seems she’s put in a whole day’s work before the clock strikes nine.

guests speak out against disney reservation system

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Brooke and her husband wake up at an incredibly early 5 a.m., so they can both get a quick workout in. Then they get ready before getting their kids up. After getting their kids up and getting up, they take care of virtual queues and Disney Genie+ reservations and head out. The family gets to Main Street, U.S.A. more than an hour before Early Entry starts.


Magic Kingdom EARLY PARK ENTRY STRATEGY! But first, only 2 more days to get the discount for “A Mom’s Guide to Disney World,” the 200-page guide I wrote to help moms plan Disney! Comment the word “MAGIC” to get the link to the guide (a sneak peek) and use code “MAGIC2023” for $10 off at checkout. EARLY PARK ENTRY TIME NOTES: 5:00 AM Wakeup 5:15 AM Workout 7:00 AM Book UBER 7:15 AM Leave @fsorlando in UBER 7:30 AM Arrive in front of Disney’s Contemporary Hotel 7:30 AM Walk to Magic Kingdom using walkway! 7:35 AM First in line at kiosks 7:45 AM Enter park + Main Street US is open! Note: snap a photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle while park is empty. 7:50 AM Line up to rope drop Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 8:20 AM Rides are OPEN to start riding! … and we stayed all the way til 8:15 PM! MAGIC KINGDOM GENERAL NOTES: We rope dropped Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This is the only way to get on this ride without a line without paying. Next, we rode Peter Pan, It’s a Small World and Ariel. Fantasyland was finished and the park had barely opened. If Seven Dwarfs has a sign that says 75 minute wait when you rope drop. Ignore it! The line is actually short if you get there early, they just default to that sign. Our first Genie+ Big Thunder Mountain was then ready to ride at 10:15 AM. TRON is incredible, and now makes Magic Kingdom one of our fave parks! Skipper Jungle Canteen for dinner – food was amazing; ambiance was … okay. … And we SURPRISED the kids and decided to do EPCOT on Monday! Check my stories tomorrow! For those asking, we stay at the Four Seasons @fsorlando and love it!

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There were lots of things that people found crazy about the routine, but most were shocked that Brooke and her husband woke up at 5 a.m. to work out, even though they would be walking around the theme parks all day.

You couldn’t pay me to work out early in the morning before walking around the park all day

Others were surprised that Brooke was able to get dropped off at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and walk to the Magic Kingdom. Typically, Guests can not be dropped off at a Disney World hotel unless they have a reservation at that hotel or a reservation for a dining location in the hotel. So, if you are thinking of trying this trick, be aware that you may be turned away and directed back to the Transportation & Ticket Center.

Transportation & Ticket Center monorails

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One thing that should also be noted is that Brooke and her family were able to have Early Entry even though they were not staying at a Disney-owned hotel, like Art of Animation or Animal Kingdom Lodge. Brooke’s family stayed at the Four Seasons Orlando. The hotel is located on Disney World property, so they were able to take advantage of Early Entry.

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