Travel Experts Admit That Planning Disney Vacations Is ‘Insanely’ Complicated

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According to this news network, planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation has gotten so overwhelming that even professional travelers are balking at the challenge!

In a recent article on CNBC, multiple travel professionals confessed that they find it more daunting to plan a Walt Disney World Resort vacation than to plan a vacation as complex or intimidating as a trip to a remote foreign country.

With Lightning Lanes instead of FastPasses, Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ stirring up controversy among Disney Guests, and lots of add-on services like PhotoPass and Memory Makers (not to mention all of the confusion that comes with booking a Disney Resort suite before you’ve even entered the Disney Parks), it’s no surprise to Disney Fanatics to hear that prospective Disney World Guests are finding the process too cumbersome!

lightning lane genie +

Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane are part of the new Genie and Lightning Lane systems that have replaced FastPass to enhance the customer experience in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. /Disney

One travel industry professional named Andrea confirmed that (as CNBC put it) “travelers aren’t thrilled about what it takes to pull off a trip to Walt Disney World these days.”

“It’s insane how much work has to go into planning a Disney vacation,” Andrea declared. “I would need a vacation just from planning my vacation.” Andrea also found that, when she tried to seek out planning tips online, there was nothing but a massive “rabbit hole.”

CNBC did point out that “to some Disney super fans, mastering the system is all part of the fun — not to mention a way to reduce waiting times in the parks.”

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A crowd during their Walt Disney World Resort vacations in the Magic Kingdom within Disney World. Credit: Yesterland

However, the news site also added that “for casual parkgoers, strategizing for a stay can be overwhelming.”

A representative from the Walt Disney Company named Avery Maehrer spoke to CNBC about the Walt Disney World Resort vacation issue, saying the following: “We are always listening to our guests and continue to make updates to improve their experience, which includes rolling out new ways to make planning easier and simpler, now and into the future.”

This vague non-answer will most likely rankle many Disney Guests, especially since (as Jonathan’s Travels CEO Jonathan Alder says) “the system is so incredibly complicated that it requires its own doctorate to really understand.”

“There are those that understand the system and those that just go,” Alder explained, but any Walt Disney World Resort Guests who don’t have a strategic plan will “get very little out of their day” because they’ll be waiting in long lines.

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In your experience, has planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation always been difficult, or has it gotten much worse in recent years?

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